Would reliably predict the size of a man’s penis

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I was in London recently, gazing upon a plaster rendition of Michelangelo’s David at the Victoria and Albert Museum, when from behind I heard a woman remark to her husband. “Look at his hands, they’re huge!” To which her husband quipped; “Yeah, his bride must have been in for a shock.” What he meant, of course, is that big hands are supposed to indicate a large penis and David… well, ahem, let’s just say that with him, there appears to be an inverse relationship.
Big nose – Big hose. Big feet – big meat. For centuries, in fact, probably ever since men started wearing loincloths, interested parties have sought some kind of visible indicator that would reliably predict the size of a man’s penis. Feet and hands have traditionally been the most popular gauges. I’ve heard women talk in breathless tones about the size of a man’s hands. In an episode of CSI, William Peterson’s character bragged about his size 13 feet.

But now science has finally marched into the dim recesses where folklore and dirty rhymes had hitherto ruled. In 2001, an Italian urologist found a positive correlation between body size and penis size. Well, duh… big or small, people are roughly proportional. It’s no surprise that Shaq can wrap his hands halfway around a basketball. He’s seven feet tall! So there’s a relationship between height and length. Why wouldn’t there be? What inquiring minds want to know is once base body size is factored in, do big hands/nose/feet tell a woman what she can expect in the bedroom?

Once again science rushes to our rescue. In Oct 2002, the British Journal of Urology reported a study that found no correlation between penis size and shoe size. Suddenly, all the men around the world wearing size seven shoes breathed a sigh of relief. But then, mere weeks later, a study headed by Dr. Evangelos Spyropoulos from the Naval and Veterans Hospital of Athens found a statistically significant correlation between the length of a man’s index finger and the length of his pecker. The aim of this study was ostensibly to help doctors counsel and treat men concerned about perceived inadequacies relating to their genitals. How this study was meant to achieve this end was not clearly laid out. “Yes, your penis is small, but now, thanks to our research, everyone will know it! That’ll be $80.”

Now, before you start wearing extra large gloves, or finally springing for that index finger enlargement surgery, it should be noted that these results are far from definitive. To begin with, the sample size was tiny, only 52 subjects and while, yes, there was a statistically significant correlation, there was no attempt to correlate the various bodily measurements with each other. In other words, big men with their big hands and big dicks were lumped in with small men, with their small hands and small dicks. In fact, what’s surprising about the study is that body size did not seem to correlate with penis size. And we’ve just seen from the much larger (3,000 men) Italian study that there is a correlation. Who to believe? It look’s like all you small dicked, small fingered men out there can relax, your secret is still safe. For now.

At a glance, it seems ridiculous that there should be a relationship between a man’s hands and feet and his dick. Besides counting to 11, where’s the connection? A foot’s a foot. A dick’s a dick. Right. Well, maybe yes and maybe no. It’s long been established that the growth, number and position of various body parts is governed by a small number of what’s known as HOX genes. Mess with HOX genes and arms can grow out of your head. Geneticists had a lot of fun with fruit flies when this was first uncovered. All animals (well, vertebrates, anyway) have the same HOX genes or close analogues. The stability of the genes that code for five fingers on mammals, fish and reptiles dating back 350 million years has led scientists to speculate that there may be a genetic connection between fingers and genitalia. Basically, the theory goes: mess with the HOX – mess with the genitals – no offspring.

In recent years such connections have been confirmed. In humans, it’s manifested in an abnormality known as “foxy feet”, in which the thumb is smaller and drawn down towards the wrist – like a fox’s, I would guess. This same phenotypical characteristic is associated with infertility. In less important animals, like mice that we can screw with, it was found that mutations in the hoxal 13 gene led to smaller digits and a deformed penis. Hmmm.

The factors governing digit and penis growth are complex and poorly understood. Hox genes act as switches, producing proteins that effectively shut down or initiate a specific developmental process – like growing your dick. There is speculation that the size of digits and dicks depends on the number of repeated codons (genetic units – like letters) along a specific stretch of DNA. The more codons, the bigger the fingers and other appendages. If this turns out to be true it might help explain why foot size and penis size aren’t correlated. It’s the toes they should have been measuring!

But, no one really knows. The connection between digital and genital deformity is tenuous at best and while there may be a statistically significant correlation, that’s all it is. Not every guy with hands like baseball gloves is sporting a dick to match. Look at David.

So for the woman at the bar seeking to maximize her pleasure with minimum fuss, there’s not a lot to go on. Choosing partners is still a crapshoot. Hands, feet, nose, even the flaccid dick pushing at the fabric of his too-tight trousers, aren’t terribly reliable indicators of what’s going to pop-up when the lights go down. Maybe she should throw caution to the wind and just pick the guy she likes.
The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority in Australia have declared their latest anti-speeding television campaign as one of the most successful ever. The advertisement in question – Speeding. No one thinks big of you – featured a bevy of unimpressed women waggling their little fingers while young men executed a bunch of dumbass testosterone-fuelled antics in their cars.

The little-finger-waggle has become the universal gesture for an undersized willy, so the ads are not so subtly suggesting that if you drive too fast you must have a little bitty one.

And lo and behold, the campaign has been declared an outstanding success. The latest Roads and Traffic Authority research found that three-quarters of people believed the campaign increased community awareness about speeding and 61 percent of young males surveyed for the research believed the campaign had the power to make them think about their own driving behavior.

Perhaps most interestingly, it seems that the campaign is now being reflected in real-life. “Young people are re-enacting the gesture demonstrated in the $1.9 million campaign”, said Roads and Traffic Authority supremo Eric Roozendaal. “Wiggling your pinkie has cut through to that crucial age group of young drivers – they’re using it as a way to slow their mates down and stop them acting recklessly on our roads. This campaign is about saving lives – not pride. If it dents a few egos but helps save a life, then it’s worth it,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.
UK researchers Kevan Wylie and Ian Eardley have combed through sixty years of penis-related research and found that small penis syndrome affects an unusually high number of men – even if their size is average.

Writing about their findings in BJU International, the researchers noted that while men often have better sexual confidence if they have a large penis, the women interviewed in the studies didn’t necessarily feel that bigger is better; rather, they cited good looks and personality as the main factors that make a man attractive.

The findings – culled from more than 50 international research projects into penile size and small penis syndrome – show that the average erect penis ranges from 5.5 to 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 to 5.1 inches in girth.

Interestingly, the findings showed that while 85 percent of women were satisfied with their partner’s penile size, only 55 percent of the men were satisfied.

With size concerns being so widespread amongst men, Wylie and Eardley believe it is important to normalize the situation and provide as much accurate information as possible; “as many men either lack information or have been misinformed,” say the researchers.

“It is very common for men to worry about the size of their penis and it is important that these concerns aren’t dismissed as this can heighten concerns and anxieties,” noted Wylie. “This extensive review aims to provide clinicians with an overarching summary of the many research projects that have been carried out into penile size and small penis syndrome.”

Other findings from the review include:
• Generally, penile size was not an important factor for women and 90 percent of women said they preferred a wide penis to a long one.
• Somewhat paradoxically, small penis syndrome is much more common in men with normal sized penises than those with a micropenis.
• The majority of men with penis size concerns say that their anxieties started with childhood comparisons, while 37 percent blamed erotic images viewed in their teenage years.
• Race was not found to be a factor in penis size although the researchers did note that a Korean study appeared to under-report Korean men’s size.
• Enlargement methods were problematic to analyze due to a lack of clinical studies, but the researchers said that patients may experience psychological benefits from them. They also noted that the results of augmentation surgery are poorly documented and significant complications can ensue.

The researchers conclude by suggesting that men with small penis syndrome need to consider a number of treatment approaches. “The initial approach should be a thorough urological, psychosexual, psychological and psychiatric assessment, possibly with more than one clinician involved,” they note, adding that while penile extenders may help, there was a lack of evidence for their effectiveness and psychological conditions should not be treated with gadgets or surgery.
Over the last few weeks I’ve catalogued a collection of knobs that could be considered legendary: Rasputin, Dillinger, Hendrix and Napoleon. All these dicks have been putatively preserved in some fashion and of course, all of them were attached to guys that are now dead. Now, there are a lot of men still in the land of the living with incredible swinging dicks. Some of them are porn stars, some of them celebrities who just happen to be packing whoppers, and no doubt there are dicks the size of your forearm belonging to unknown math nerds, garage mechanics, and of course, your girlfriend’s former lover. But the last trouser-snake I’m going to place amongst the pantheon of Legendary Dicks belongs to a guy who claims he’s hung like a pimple.

I refer, of course, to disc jockey extraordinaire Howard Stern, the self professed King of All Media and possessor of what he terms a “baby sized penis”. Now, Howard’s induction into the Penis Hall of Fame has nothing to do with his actual penis, which according to reliable accounts is nowhere near as small as he claims. Nor does it have anything to do with Stern’s notoriety, or the fact that he talks about it constantly. The reason why Howard’s penis is legendary is because of what it has accomplished. Rasputin’s may have helped bring down the Romanovs and usher in the age of communism, but it didn’t act alone. Howard’s penis on the other hand has single-handedly shifted the zeitgeist.

There have always been men with small dicks amongst us. Penis size is distributed more or less along a bell curve (a bell-end bell curve, if you like). For every guy that’s bigger than average, there’s a guy who is smaller than average. But before Howard Stern, men tended to size their penis the way Starbucks sized their coffee: Tall, Grande and Grande Supremo. No guy would admit to having a small penis. Guys didn’t even joke about that kind of thing. If some guy had a small dick, the only people joking were the guys with bigger dicks. It wasn’t generally included in the self-deprecating repertoire of most men and was too shameful an admission to be made even in jest. Apart from Woody Allen’s plaintive admission that he suffers from penis envy, Stern is possibly the first celebrity to openly admit to having a little dick. He’s certainly the first to exaggerate the smallness of his penis. His stick has become part of his shtick (along with lesbians, breasts and fart jokes, of course).

And because of Howard’s ubiquitous radio presence, admitting the smallness of one’s penis has become almost fashionable. I say almost because most men with little dicks still don’t generally advertise the fact. But thanks to Stern’s proclamations that he’s hung like a baby/three year old/pimple/acorn/raisin/pencil eraser, a great deal of the sting of having a small penis has been assuaged. And this is a good thing, because across the ages, men with small penises have had a very hard time of it. Besides the shame and derision they’ve always had to deal with from their better endowed brethren and the sometimes cruel rejection they’ve faced from women they’ve tried to bed, they are now being deluged by spam hyping the importance of dick size and trying to sell them magic pills. Women still brandish it as the ultimate weapon of male ego destruction. Yet because this famous (or infamous, if you prefer) and funny DJ has come out of the closet so to speak; men with piddly little dicks can take a small measure of comfort in knowing that one of their own has made the world a little more comfortable for them.

So how big (or small) is Howard? Howard insists that he’s got a borderline micro-penis but micro penises are really small. In fact, they could be more accurately described as large clitorises. So if Howard does have a borderline micro-penis, then claiming he’s hung like an acorn would be overstating the size. But in the movie Private Parts (based on Stern’s autobiography), his wife, Allison admits that Howard is “Fine… just fine,” then adds, “Howard exaggerates.” In a moment of rare actual candor on the subject, Howard has admitted that his penis is between 5 and 6 inches. Hmm, if it is in fact between 5 and 6 inches (properly measured along the top of the penis (most guys measure from the sides and get and extra half inch or so – I know I do!) then Howard is, in fact, average. And not a low average either. According to most penis size studies, 5.5 inches is statistically, the medium, median and mode. We’re talking, top of the bell curve here.

So why does Howard think he’s small? Is it just a gimmick? My guess is no. I think Howard Stern probably does believe he’s small and I think there’s every possibility that if he pulled down his pants you might agree with him. When it comes to penises there are generally two different classes of men, those whose penises are small in the flaccid state but grow substantially when aroused (growers), and those who hang larger but don’t inflate very much when engorged (showers). I’ll be writing more about this phenomenon in a future column, but for the time being, suffice to say this is a genetic predisposition. African men tend to be showers. Asian men are usually growers and Caucasians are a mixture of both. My guess is that Howard, being one of the few white men at his high school, suffered from Woody Allen’s version of penis envy. By Stern’s own observation, the black men at his school were “hung like Rhinos”. Add to this the fact that Stern is 6’ 5” tall, which is 10 percent taller than average. Penis size is correlated very closely with general body size and by that measure Howard’s truncheon, while average for the general population, could be considered small for his body size. No wonder he figured he was short-changed.

So if Howard – despite his repeated and vociferous claims to the contrary – actually has a completely average dick, does he still deserve to be included in the Penis Hall of Fame? Absolutely! Because nobody has done more to make size-challenged men feel better about themselves. Stern recently held a televised small penis contest and teeny peeny men were lined up out the door for a chance to go on a cruise and star in a porno flick. They were petite, but thanks to Howard, they were proud!
A new study has reported on the outcomes of a sex education treatment program for men complaining of a short-sized penis. The study, published in the journal Urology, was conducted by the Cairo University Hospital Department of Andrology and Sexology. Over two years, it focused on 92 patients complaining of a small-sized penis in either the flaccid or erect state.

Of the patients, 72 percent complained of a short penis only in the flaccid state, and 28 percent complained of a short penis in both the flaccid and the erect state. None of the patients had erectile dysfunction.

The doctors began by collecting historical details, with particular emphasis on the duration of the complaint and the sexual habits of the patients. The doctors found that almost all of the patients had an inflated concept of what size a normal penis should be.

All the patients were then asked to complete the International Index of Erectile Function short-form questionnaire and were tutored by an andrologist on sex education matters. The penile length and girth were measured twice using a tape measure in both the flaccid and fully stretched states. The patients were informed that if their flaccid and stretched penis size was 4 cm (1.6 inches) and 7 cm (2.75 inches) or more, respectively, it was considered normal.

Most of the patients said they found the combination of sex education with standard penile measurements helpful and relieving. According to the measurements, none of the patients had an under-sized penis and almost all the patients were incorrect in what they thought to be normal penile size.

The researchers said that men complaining of a short penis should be treated using the basic principles of sex education along with objective methods of penile size evaluation. They believe this combination can correct any previous sexual misconceptions, relieve unnecessary anxiety concerning penile size and decrease the desire to undertake still-to-be scientifically verified lengthening methods.
In 2001, Dr Eduardo Gomez de Diego came across some research on average penis size published by the Spanish Society of Andrology. The results surprised Diego as they didn’t agree with the results he had obtained from his own clinic’s survey examining the size of the average Spanish male. This spurred Diego to enhance his own survey and to expand it by gathering results from other countries. The statistics took over a year to gather from journals and studies published around the world and the results have now been made available.

Diego admits that the results are not exhaustive. “We couldn’t find references for many countries and in some cases we couldn’t even find the appropriate people to talk to about it,” he said. “Specialist journals and other sources like urologist associations tended to be the sources for the results we did gather.”


Flaccid dicks than there is between erect dicks

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Years ago I read an article about how Elvis Costello was approached in a bar by a young woman who asked what he thought of her favorite singer, Ray Charles. Costello, who at the time was still cultivating the image of a surly young punk, dismissed Ray Charles as a “blind ignorant n*gger”. In response to this nasty and derogatory remark, the woman slapped Costello and screamed, “Anybody so mean and hateful must have a little bitty dick!”

Ray and Elvis have since patched things up but you don’t forget a line like that. Not only did he have a little dick. He had a little bitty dick. Ouch. Even if Costello was hung like Tommy Lee he couldn’t exactly yank down his pants and show her. It’s the perfect putdown; an accusation that’s impossible to defend.

Words like “tiny” and “penis” when used in the same sentence can sink an arrow through any man’s heart. Suggesting that a man has a small penis is the 1000 megaton device in a woman’s insult arsenal. It’s generally held in reserve, but it’s always there for any woman who really wants to lay waste to a man’s ego. Roseanne Barr once told reporters that her ex, Tom Arnold, had a small penis. To which Tom famously retorted: “Hey, even a 747 seems small when it’s flying in the Grand Canyon.”

I’m pointing the finger at women because suggesting publicly that another man has a small prick is generally not something that men do. They may tease a guy mercilessly in the shower but once the clothes are on the there’s a kind of unspoken prohibition against saying anything negative about another guy’s dick. It would certainly never be brandished as an insult. Why? That’s hard to say, but it could be empathy. Guys can take great pleasure in watching another man humiliated, but perhaps not sexually humiliated (am I the only one that always felt acutely uncomfortable when Mrs. Roper, from Three’s Company, made cutting remarks about Mr. Roper’s lack of sexual prowess?). Then there’s the danger that the other man might actually have a dick that’s bigger than yours. And let’s not forget the very real possibility that he’ll punch you out.

But none of these are of concern to a woman looking for a fast and effective method of evisceration. Sexual humiliation as a weapon is much more formidable when deployed by a woman. It might be OK for an attractive babe to express contempt for your character; but it’s another thing entirely for her to be contemptuous of your penis. You can call a fascist pig a fascist pig and he’ll only think the worse of you, his pride and masculinity remaining intact, possibly even bolstered by your attack. But suggest, within earshot of others (especially the press) that he’s got a “little bitty dick” and his ego will deflate so fast you’ll hear the hissing sound.

Maybe sometimes men deserve to be humiliated, but what about the collateral damage? Odds are, that in any group of ten guys there’s a representative from the bottom tenth percentile of penis size. How’s he going to feel upon hearing this? Not only is his little-dickedness associated with the meanness and hate but it’s worse than either of them. Meanness and hate are identified merely as indicators of the real flaw – his pathetic little dick. All his deepest, darkest fears will be realized. All the soft, comfy assurances that size wasn’t important will disappear like mist, to be replaced by the hard, pitiless realization that not only does little-dickedness matter, it’s the very worst thing imaginable to an attractive, sexually engaged woman.

Small dicked guys have a hard enough time of it without having their small-dickedness associated not only with sexual inadequacy, but with a whole slew of personal flaws. There’s long been an assumption that small dicks generate a sense of personal inadequacy that manifests itself in outward behavior. Kate Winslet, playing Rose in Titanic suggested to the builder of the great ship that his preoccupation with size may have its roots in something Freudian. And we all knew what she meant by that. I’ve heard countless speculations, again usually by women, that any given man’s pursuit of aggrandizement is a cover for sexual inadequacy. I would argue that men’s preoccupation with aggrandizement has more to do with boosting their chances of getting laid than any latent sense of sexual inadequacy; but what do I know? I’m not about to conduct a dick size survey of men who drive Grand Cherokees so this is all just psychological theorizing.

The psychological shockwave of little-dickedness had been associated with more than just compensatory behavior. I’ve heard commentators associate it with serial killers (largely unsubstantiated) and tyrants (remember Napoleon?). Last year there was an Internet rumor circulating that a propensity for hunting was associated with “small penis syndrome”. A fake scientific institute called the Diminutive Male Genitalia Disorder Research Organization was given credit for conducting the study where the correlation was allegedly found. An April fool’s joke obviously, but the point is inescapable. Some wise guy or gal at PETA (the organization behind the gag) decided that anybody so mean and hateful as to kill a furry animal must have a little bitty dick!

As a fully paid-up member of the fraternity of men with little (I wouldn’t go so far as to say bitty) dicks, I wish to declare that there are many, many men with dick sizes ranging from just-shy-of-normal to shockingly-small; who are perfectly decent guys. And you would never guess from their outward behavior that they were packing a cocktail sausage between their thighs. Acting like a jerk and driving a sports car are no more indicators of dick size than the length of one’s nose.
You’ve probably heard this joke before. It’s been around for a while and it even found its way into a scene from Kinsey, with Liam Neeson telling the joke. It goes like this:
A professor stands in front of a class and asks an anatomy student what organ in the human body expands to ten times its normal size when excited. The blushing and flustered student responds that it’s inappropriate for the professor to be asking her such questions, to which the professor replies, with a glint of mirth; “Well we’ve learned three things so far.1. You’ve got a lot to learn about the human anatomy – I was referring of course to the iris of the human eye.
2. You’ve got a dirty mind, and
3. You’re likely to be very disappointed.”

When I first heard the joke, I laughed. Putting aside the annoying smugness of the professor, it is funny. But it got me to thinking. Take me at my smallest; by putting me on drugs that inhibit circulation (tobacco’s a good start), sending me to do some strenuous cardiovascular activity and then throwing me in a pool of freezing water. Then – if I’m still alive – measure my manhood. Then compare that with my dick at the peak of its raging, tumescent glory (few and far between these days, I’ll admit) and I would bet… I would bet my favorite guitar (Gretsch 6120 – Chet Atkins, it’s a beaut!), that the volume – we’re talking three dimensions here – of my peak erection, is more than ten-times the volume of my shriveled nub at it’s smallest. Now, just to make one thing clear, my guitar is not in peril, as I’m not going to hurl myself into a freezing pool, let alone with a ruler and measuring tape close at hand. I only mention it to demonstrate my confidence in my assertion and to illustrate a point; there are two types of men in this world: Growers and Show-ers. And I’m a fully paid-up member of Growers Anonymous – my name is Paul and I’m a grower.

Now, when I say there are two types, it would probably be more accurate to say there is a spectrum between the two types. Not all guys who have long flaccid dicks are show-ers, some of them are growers too. They just have really big schlongs. The converse is also true. Some guys are small when flaccid and erect. What we can say with certainty is that there is a far greater variation in size between flaccid dicks than there is between erect dicks. Let me put it another way; penis sizes tend to converge in size when erect. I could get into all the statistical devices – standard deviations, co-efficients of variation, etc. But that would bore me almost as much as it would you. Luckily, we don’t need to, because we’ve got a scattergram.

Now, for anyone who’s never seen one before, a scattergram is a graphic representation of every measurement taken of two variables, in this case flaccid penis length and percent increase in length when erect. The great thing about scattergrams is that, at a glance, you can easily detect patterns that would otherwise take a team of statisticians to tease out and explain. The clumsily drawn red line represents the average length of the American penis (16 cm, or 6.25 inches for you imperial measurement types). Every dot on the right side of the red line is larger than average. The closer you are to the top right corner, the bigger your dick. The closer you are to the bottom left… well, sorry Bub. Show-ers tend to the top left, growers to the bottom right. Several trends are immediately clear. More men are show-ers than growers. Most of the dots are clustered around the 90 mm (3.5 inches for you anti-metric luddites) flaccid measurement which, surprise, surprise is the average flaccid length. It’s also evident that the dots tend to be distributed along the red line. This is the convergence I was talking about. Whatever the flaccid measurement, cocks when erect tend to average out at around 6 inches. That said there are also many men scattered towards the extreme, particularly on the lower right (the growers).

But do any of them grow to over ten-times their original size? I’ve taken several measurements over the last few days and I regret to admit that even at my teensiest, I’m still over 50 mm. I’m right on (as opposed to the right of… sigh) the red line, so that puts me at a 300 percent increase in length. I’ve also made an accounting of my girth and the percent increase there is just over 160. Now I’ve just put this through a back of the napkin calculation (ok, ok, a calculator actually) and unless I jump in a cold pond, I’m in danger of losing my Gretsch. But it’s close, very close, in fact. The factor increase in personal dick volume pre-cold dip is 8.51. Which rounded off is 9, which is, um, almost 10 (pre-cold dip, remember). And that’s just me. As is evident from the scattergram, there are guys who are even bigger growers. Some guy who is literally hung like a thimble (40mm or 1.5 inches) is bigger than me when erect. What organ can grow to more than ten times its normal size? It ain’t just the iris, professor.

Now, why, you might well ask, is there this variation in flaccid length? Why are there growers and show-ers? The answer is clearly genetic and I think lies with cold weather adaptation. Men from warmer climates, particularly African men, tend to be show-ers. And why not! If you’ve got it – flaunt it, baby. But if you’re from a cold climate, like in Europe, you’ve got more than showing off your wares to consider. The more distal the body part (all the parts that help you count to 21), the more vulnerable it is to frostbite. That’s why your dick shrivels like a shar-paige when you step out of a cold pool. And under ice age conditions, it’s easy to see how the grower gene would spread. The women may have all laughed at the poor grower with his shriveled-up little dick, but after the hunting party was caught in a few blizzards, he was the only guy left with a dick.

So, if you’re a grower, where does this leave you? You carry with you the proud legacy of your stubby dicked ancestors, but what do you do when you’re surrounded by a bunch of show-ers in the showers. Well, not much I’m afraid. You can jump up and down all you like about how it gets as big as your forearm but short of… well… showing them, you’re just gonna have to take your satisfaction in knowing that if you happened to bed the girl from the anatomy class, she wouldn’t be disappointed at all.

Since Harvey B. vanished into the wilderness with a penis extended by 0.4 of an inch, it has fallen to me to attempt pick-up the banner and go the distance (six months of penile traction) to determine once and for all if the Pro Extender, also known as the Jes-Extender, is for real.

The claims are certainly impressive. One website allowed me to key in my current measurements (6 inches) and calculate my future measurements. According to the calculator (and these things don’t lie), if I wear the device 12 hours a day at the recommended tension, I’ll have nine inch club by Christmas. I can’t wait! Other websites claim a more moderate 24 percent increase. But I’ve seen websites for herbal growth formulas that claim guaranteed gains that exceed these amounts and we all know they’re bunkum. So what can we believe? Penis extender websites are SELLING penis extenders and the more gains they claim the more sales they make. Other websites flogging different products denounce penis extenders, claiming that while they may add length, they actually reduce girth. Still others highlight the hazards; blood supply constriction leading to tissue necrosis, gangrene and… eek! Amputation! Unbiased objectivity is obviously needed here and over the next six months that’s what I intend to provide. I will follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations as closely as possible. I will provide a weekly account of my measurements and experiences. In the cacophony of hucksters and penile product mongers mine will be the lone voice of truth!

The Pro Extender operates on the principle that when subject to constant stress, tissue breaks down and rebuilds itself, creating cells to fill the empty space. A moment’s thought reveals why this would be necessary. If it weren’t so, any differential growth between body parts would result in horrible malformations, bones sticking through flesh etc. We’ve all seen pictures of African tribesmen with lips wrapped around platters the size of desert plates. Woman with rings that have stretched their necks beyond what Audrey Hepburn could have achieved in a lifetime of yoga and good posture. After a billion or so years of evolution, the body has learned to adjust.

Sounds reasonable but can it work with the penis? The penis isn’t just muscle tissue. It has a complex internal structure, with spongy tissue and cavities that fill with blood. And even if it is possible to increase length, what about width? The manufacturers of penile traction devices claim increases in girth as well as length. But how is this possible? Women who don’t wear bras develop breasts that are longer AND thinner. Nobody wants a ten inch pencil dick so what gives? And what, if any, are the limitations (assuming the claims are true)? Could a man with sufficient time and inclination grow a penis that he could tie around his waist as a sash?

Questions. Questions. Questions. It’s time now to learn some answers.


The Extender has arrived. It comes in a dark mahogany box with the logo tastefully embossed on the cover. Inside the component pieces lie disassembled but it’s clear from the moment the lid is raised that this is no Wal-Mart special. This baby has been finely engineered. In all there are 23 components, all milled to exacting specifications. This is the dick stretcher the CIA uses!

Enclosed is a an instruction booklet that details the means of penis enlargement, methods of use and warnings of misuse. In spite of the obvious engineering that has gone into its construction, the device is a paragon of simplicity. In essence the device is a rack, resting on a plastic base, through which the penis is inserted. Another base (front piece) lies at the end of a series of metal inserts, into which two ends of a length of silicone are to be inserted, creating a loop which is fastened below the glans (head of the penis) Once the penis is strapped in, springs elongate the penis and provide the necessary traction. This traction can be increased by rotating threaded bolts at either side of the device. Once inside and fully stretched the penis can be set at any angled desired. Sounds pretty clear. Let’s strap this sucker on.

Hmm. It’s immediately apparent that practice and theory are at odds here. Just slip the glans through the silicone noose and secure. My ass! I need three hands. One to press down on the spring, one to pull on my dick and the other to tighten the noose. My dick knows something bad is going to happen and it’s trying to retreat. With a little dexterity I succeed but it hurts like hell. The kit comes with a spongy protection pad. I try that. Much, much better. I can barely feel it now. In fact when I turn the screws to increase tension it actually feels… well… rather nice.

For some reason the silicone tubing provided is the wrong size. It barely fits through the holes in the front piece and there’s no way in hell the folded ends of the tube will lock into the grooves in the underside. Why would this be? My theory is some guy at the dick stretcher factory ordered the wrong size. The problem with this is that the ends of the tube are relatively stiff and stick out. If I use it in the down position the ends of the tube dig into my leg. If I flip it up, the ends stick straight out. In loose fitting clothes this has the effect of pushing the fabric out several inches. It’s looks like I have a noticeable, if very small, erection. Hardly the thing you want to be flitting about with in public. The problem is that I can’t order the proper part. You can separately order every single component (at wildly inflated prices) except the silicone straps. No matter. Silicone tubing is available. I just have to get the right size and apologize to the salesperson for only buying eight inches worth.

I have got hairs on my dick, and not just a few. Towards the base I’m positively furry. How is it I’ve lived my whole post-adolescent life and never noticed it? I notice now because these hairs keep jamming up the works. There are multiple screws and knobs that must be turned to adjust tension and angle. And every time I try I rip another few hairs out of my dick. Should I shave? Has anyone in the history of mankind ever shaved his dick?

I try setting the angle in different positions. In the down position I look like Tommy Lee. I take a measurement. Fully extended my penis is 5.75 inches. I’m in awe. My maximum skin busting erection never exceeded 6 inches. I strut around for a bit, naked. So far so good. But when I try to sit it becomes a problem. No matter what angle I set it at, my balls are in the way. They push up into the mechanism. As long as I sit, perched at the front of the chair with my testicles hanging it feels fine. The moment I sit back in the chair it hurts, especially if I try to lean forward. This may be one of the things I’ll just have to get used to.

I’ve now worn this thing for about one hour without serious discomfort. I’ve got to leave on some errands. I’m not prepared to wear this outside so I’ll take it off. The guide tell you to wear the extender for four hours a day for the first two weeks then gradually increasing the time to 12 hours per day. Not sure I can ever spend 12 hours a day hanging off the end of my chair by the hairs on my ass. Maybe I’ll wear it at night. It seems like it should be comfortable enough. We’ll see…


I’ve heard of recurring nightmares but this is ridiculous. I’ve had the same nightmare twice inside of two hours. I wore the stretcher. I had it on too tight. I woke up and the tip of my penis was gray. I had strangled the life out of my dick and now it was dead. It would have to be amputated. Every time I woke up I’d check to make sure it was still pink. Or wait… is it purple? Purple’s okay isn’t it? It gets purple when it’s engorged. But this isn’t engorged. It’s a shrunken nub. I take it off. My penis collapses gratefully against my loins. It seems alright. I contemplate putting it back on. I’m supposed to wear it four to five hours a day to start. A quick calculation tells me I’ve worn this device for 3.5 hours. Good enough. Good night.

The next day I get an early start. There’s some residual soreness from the night before. I decide to try it with clothes on. They say you can wear it under loose fitting clothes. I’ve had my doubts but I give it a shot. I try it in the up position but the ends of the silicone tube stick out. (You’re supposed to fold them into notches on the underside of the front plate but it seems the tube is too wide to fit in) I secure the ends with an elastic band. Not bad. With an untucked t-shirt, I can barely see it. I check out my profile in the mirror. There is a slight protrusion, nothing that would turn any heads but it’s there for any trained dick-stretcher spotters to see.

I try it next in the down position. It is now completely invisible. Can’t sit down or pick anything up but for anyone who spends their day just standing around, the down position would work fine. I need to sit to work so I flip the jig up. I try sitting back in the chair. For some reason today it works. I can feel the springs compress in response to the increased tension. I check the tension settings. In full upright seated position the tension is almost 1200 grams. I go to an online metric converter and learn the 1200 grams is equal to a little less than 3 pounds. Doesn’t seem like that much until I remember the 3 pound bag of apples I bought the other day and it hits me. I’m hanging a three pound bag of apples off my dick! It doesn’t take long before the pain begins. At first it’s just a whisper, then a nagging annoyance. Finally it starts to shriek and I can’t think enough to work. I take it off. The underside of my glans is red and sore.

So far, over two days, I’ve worn this thing a total of 6 hours. Ultimately I’m supposed to wear it for 12 hours a day. Is that even possible? According to the instruction booklet, 12 hours per day for 2 months is equal to 2 hours a day for 12 months. I vaguely recollect that this is the commutative principle. Feeling very mathematical I calculate how much my dick has grown thus far. According to the booklet I should be .0075 inches longer. According to Kinsey the average male is 6.22 inches erect. That means I should be bigger than average in less than a month. I guess we’ll see.

This too can help aid in growth of penis size

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Q. Should I do jelqing or are there other techniques that can enlarge my penis?

Big Al: The jelq is a very good basic movement. If you’re a beginner, then the jelq can form the foundation of your size routine. You should also be doing warm-ups, a stretching movement (for length), stamina work, and cool-downs.  Once you have a few weeks of training under your belt, you can give other more effective and advanced movements a try.

Q. I don’t have too much time.  Do I really need to do the warm-ups and cool-downs?

Big Al: Yes.  The warm-ups help to heat the penile tissues making them more malleable.  This not only aids in getting you a much more productive workout, but it helps prevent injuries too.  The cool down helps you retain more blood in your penis post-workout.  This too can help aid in growth.

Q. What is clamping and should I be doing it?

Big Al: Clamping is where you apply a cable clamp or other similar implement to the base of your erect penis to cut off circulation.  This mimics the effects of severe priapism and some trainees have noticed exceptional gains with this – especially in girth.  The downfalls are that this movement is potentially very dangerous and big gainers have been known to suffer from permanent discoloration.  I’m not against this movement, but I suggest that you only try this movement if you’re a very advanced trainee and have exhausted all other possible options.

Veins and Arteries
Q. I was sitting stretching today and thought, what happens to all the veins and arteries within the penis? Do they simply stretch and rebuild too?

Big Al: They stretch and grow along with the rest of the penis. The vessels and other structures are designed to expand and contract with erections and flaccidity. As long as you don’t abuse your exercises, you don’t have to worry about damaging these blood vessels. You will likely cause petechiae (little pinpoint-sized bruises) when you’re doing PE. This is a result of superficial capillary damage, but is not serious and is quick to heal.

Nutritional Requirements
Q. With all this regrowth being such a factor in PE, how important is nutrition? I am a keen gym enthusiast and I know that nutrition in bodybuilding is at least as important as all the workouts.

Big Al: If you’re looking for maximum penis size, I would suggest adopting a diet and exercise regimen that promotes low body fat levels. Your penis will appear larger (and will measure larger non-bone pressed) if you’re lean. If you’re thinking about the protein requirement of PE, it’s negligible. Just make sure that you have enough protein to meet your needs plus a little more if you’re exercising hard.

Ligaments II
Q. How does stretching the ligaments make the penis longer? To my newbie logical mind the only tissue to enlarge the penis would be the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum, as they are the ones inside the penis which fill-up during erection.

Big Al: The ligaments allow more of the “inner penis” to extrude out. Enlargement surgeries sever this ligament to allow this to happen. Those of us that prefer the non-invasive route prefer to stretch this ligament to retain control of the penis- not to mention to avoid the costs and many nasty side effects of surgery.

The Tunica
Q. What is a tunica? And where is it located? What is its role in PE?

Big Al: The penile tunica (tunica albuginea) is a tough fibrous fascia that encases the penis and is the chief limiter of girth (and to some extent, length). There are other fascial structures such as Buck’s (Deep) fascia, as well as trabeculae that also provide support to the structures of the penis, but for general purposes, the term “tunica” is used when referring to the fascial structures that you’re hoping to expand by doing PE. Think of the tunica as a balloon. Repeated hyperexpansion of the tunica eventually stretches it, which allows the structures inside to expand.

Primate Penii
Q. If we have the largest dicks of all primates then why the hell doesn’t everybody have a large dick?

Big Al: Compared to other primates, we do. Penis size has a genetic component. Here’s an interesting article on evolutionary psychology that discusses how sperm competition has played a role in the evolution of the human penis. Given the relatively high percentage of paternity fraud, the overall size of the human penis may indeed be increasing.

What kind of tissue?
Q. Are the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum just hollow areas or spongy tissue? I’m guessing spongy tissue. If so, I presume the object of the jelq is to enlarge individual cells within these areas? So is it the case you can only enlarge current cells, or can you build completely new ones?

Big Al: The corpora and corpus does indeed consist of spongy tissue. The idea is to forcibly stretch the cell compartments a bit above what they are accustomed to during an erection. The plasticity of the penis lends itself well to this type of stress, and eventually, larger cell volumes are achieved.

Q. Where exactly are these ligaments I keep hearing about? Are they inside the penis? And do these ligaments go deep into the pelvis area and attach to the pubic bone?

Big Al: The suspensory ligament attaches to the pubis. It’s the ligament that’s severed during many enlargement surgeries (eg. Bihari procedure).

28 March 2011
Penis size map stirs controversy
by George Atkinson

Penis size has yet again shown itself to be a sensitive topic as far as men are concerned, with a new interactive map sparking controversy around the world. The world map, detailing penis size in various countries, has somewhat predictably come under fire from men in some nations concerned that the map under-represents their average national manhood measurement. National pride and penis size are inextricably linked, it would seem. Thankfully, there are, as yet, no reports of border incursions by men desperate to partake of whatever-the-hell-it-is-in-the-water that makes a big schlong in the country next door.

[Click the map below for a larger interactive pop-up map]

Some of the loudest complaints are coming from Australia, where the average erect size is reported at just 13.2cm (5.2 inches). Compared to other countries, this puts Australia at a lowly 94th on the global scale of cock enormity. The data used in the map is attributed by the map-makers to “Australia’s national agency for health and welfare,” but no such organization exists, say Australian men complaining about the map’s accuracy.

Other comments from Australian women suggest they might just seek boyfriends in more far flung locales, with Africa being the favourite thanks to its top ranking in the penile length stakes. “Is this erect or non? My Australian ex was 18.5cm long and 5.5cm across. Looks like I’ll have to move to the Congo to find similar!” quips Aussie chick Danielle.

But the Aussie men think they come out better in the area that really counts – the size of their wallets. “What about big wallet? These guys from Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, etc. won’t make it with ozzie chicks – no matter what size they are,” notes one disgruntled Aussie.

Some Australian men say that a recent road safety campaign which linked bad driving to diminutive penis size may have influenced the less than flattering size estimate for Australia.

Finally, many of each country’s measurements are credited by the map’s creators as “self-reported,” which, according to one commentator; “Is more indicative of a country’s BS factor than penis length.”


Firefly Talks Dicks

Firefly is a moderator and regular contributor in our Dick Talk discussion forums. Now, she is also offering her words of feminine wisdom in this regular column where she’ll be addressing male matters from a woman’s perspective. Want to drop Firefly a line? Email her here and mark your message for her attention.

Women and size

“Men do not realize average is really smaller than they think it is.”

“The biggest turn-off for me would be a man that is fragile and insecure about his penis size.”

“…it’s only an issue if he has hang-ups or insecurities about it.”

“It doesn’t matter what a man’s penis size, if he has hands that can reach her clitoris.”


Straight from the horse’s mouth, or in the examples above, straight from the keyboard. When asked on a number of women’s Internet forums the question; “Does the size of a man’s penis matter to you?” The majority of women rose up and answered with a resounding “NO!”

Let’s face it, from the moment a man discovers his most wondrous appendage, he’s smitten. It becomes his best friend. He plays with it, listens to its opinion, admires it, worries about it and gets into trouble with it.

But men also obsess over it. Is it long enough? Is it thick enough? How does it measure-up compared to other men? Well, let me tell you something, men are much more obsessed with their dicks then we are. Yes, we giggle and whisper over a large dick. We look, admire, wonder and are shocked by it. Women can appreciate the visual appeal of a big stiff cock. But when it comes to satisfying sex, it’s more about the man than the member.

For women, a man is much more then his penis. It’s who he is as a person. It’s how he makes us feel and what he means to us. As one woman put it, “I never walked away from a guy any size thinking more about the size than I did whether we enjoyed ourselves. Some guys just know how to make you feel OMG regardless of the equipment.”
But while size isn’t a major blip on the radar for most women, extremes of size either way – very small or very large – provide, er, certain challenges to overcome. When it’s very small, there is the issue of how much a woman can feel. And “too large” brings a different set of problems.

“If anything, too large is not nice. It hurts in a bad way…”

“There is such a thing as too big.”

“I dated a man for a while who had a huge penis… Thankfully for me, he always came in under 5 seconds.”

“Size doesn’t matter unless its cervix bumpin’ huge.”

“…if it’s way too big, that might be a problem for both of us. I don’t like having my cervix pounded hard, it hurts…”
But, larger men, don’t despair! The overwhelming message from women was that they were willing to work with any size – so long as they are into the man.

“If you love the man you are with, size is irrelevant.”

“If you are really into a person, it can be managed.”

“The man is more important than the part.”

“…intimate connection is the most fulfilling and has no basis in size…”
An article I just read in Psychology Today has a great quote; “There was a discrepancy between what women desired and what they would accept in a mate. Women adapt… it seemed to cut across all variables from height to weight to penis size. It seems that ‘negative’ appearance factors become lost within the greater gestalt of the partner. They see past or through a less-then-ideal feature.”

This means that you don’t have to be physically perfect to attract a woman. She looks at the big picture – who you are and what you mean to her. When a woman takes it all into account – the fact that a man doesn’t have a perfect ass, or has thinning hair, or a smaller penis, gets lost in the entirety of the man. It doesn’t factor in.

Keep in mind, that just as you are different sizes on the outside, women are different sizes on the inside. One woman may present a tight fit for you, while another will be looser. How well you fit with a woman can vary. We are all individuals with different bodies, dreams, wants and needs. When a woman finds a man who cares about her, listens to her, and just does it for her, the size of his penis is very far down on her list of priorities.

Men, don’t ask your partner if your size is satisfying! If she says, “Yes, you’re the biggest,” then you tag her as a liar. If she says, “You’re big, but not the biggest,” you assume she wants a bigger dick. If she says “You’re the right size for me,” then it sounds like a copout. No matter how a woman answers – there’s no right answer!

Remember, if you can’t be her biggest lover, then work on being her best lover. If a woman is into a man, the size of his penis is irrelevant. Women tend to look at the big picture – the whole man. Be the best man you can be – both in and out of the bedroom – and she will thank you for it in ways unfit to print.
Admit it. You’ve done it. Most likely in your adolescence when you first noticed it was getting bigger, or maybe later when you noticed everyone else’s was big and yours wasn’t. At some point almost every guy measures himself if only as an act of reassurance. The first ruler was invented in 1675 and I’m guessing it was measuring some guy’s dick before 1676.

Most of us have a number in our heads, no doubt rounded up to the nearest quarter-inch of where the end of our dick sits next to the ruler. Most of us when pressed as to what this number is will jack that figure up another quarter or half inch. If asked, I would answer quite truthfully, “Oh I don’t know, somewhere between 6 and 8 inches.” And then with a grin and a shrug I’d admit that it was probably closer to six. In truth, my maximum skin-busting erection never exceeded a hair’s width over six inches.

So there’s a lot of misinformation out there about dick size. Most porn stars list their dicks in the 10″ to 13″ range. In truth, hardly any of them exceed 10″ inches. Even the legendary dick of Ron Jeremy topped out at 9.75″. Most adult film actors measure somewhere around 8 inches. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s still one hell of a dick. Hold up a normal sized sheet of paper. Its width is 8.5 inches. Imagine something that size sticking out from your loins. Now imagine something the length (11 inches) of that paper. Ever seen any dick that big on-screen or off? I sure haven’t. And I’m betting if you whipped something like that out of your pants more women would be running away than coming forward.
Most of us, whether from watching porn or listening to friends brag about their imaginary seven-and-a-half inches, have been left with a pretty misguided notion of what the average sized dick actually is. But what is average? If we were to add up the length of every erect adult penis in the world and divide the total by the number of penises, what would that result be? Well, the answer is anywhere from 5 to 6.5 inches, depending on which study you want to rely on. That’s right; after dozens of rigorous scientific studies conducted in every part of the world, the only thing we can tell you with certainty is that if you’re less than 5 inches you’re smaller than average and if you’re larger than 6.5 inches you’re bigger than average. But what if you’re in between? An inch-and-a-half is a big variance. In any particular study it’s roughly the difference between the 10th and 90th percentile. How, you may ask can there be such a discrepancy between results? Well, it turns out that it’s damnably hard to accurately gauge the size of the average erect dick.

Why is it so, er, hard? It certainly seems simple enough: get a stiffy – whip out ruler. Ah, but as any man can tell you. There are stiffies and then there are stiffies. The difference between a half-assed erection and a raging hard-on can be as much as an inch. Then there’s the methodology. Where do you measure from? Along the top? Along the side? From the bottom? Each method gives a different result.

Next, you have to ask; who’s doing the measuring? A white-coated scientist, a bikini-clad babe, or the subject himself? Perhaps the most famous and oft quoted study was conducted by Alfred Kinsey in the 50s and 60s. Kinsey provided 3,500 subjects with postcards against which they were to mark the maximum extent of their erection. About 2,500 men responded and the average turned out to be 6.25 inches in length. Another study using similar methodology in 1996 got similar results (6.38 inches).

The problem here is what has become known as “self-reportage bias.” Even when assured that the results are completely anonymous, guys tend to exaggerate. You’d think it would be the opposite. That they’d deliberately underestimate the size of their penises in order to skew down the average size to which they would then compare themselves more favorably. Self-reportage bias is a real phenomenon and has been observed in numerous surveys on everything from drinking habits to stated income. In fact, a whole school of statistical analysis has developed on how to adjust for this bias.

Next, you need to ask who is being measured? Selection bias is a real problem when it comes to measuring dicks. If you’re selecting men at random to submit to having their dicks measured you can bet that the only ones likely to step-up are men who are comfortable with their size. So the results from that group are likely to be skewed towards a larger average. Conversely, if your study group is a bunch of guys who are signing up for dick enlargement surgery, you can expect the average to be skewed in the other direction.

Then you have to ask where the study is being conducted. Different populations may have different average sizes. You’ve probably heard rumors about African men being proportionately large and East Asian men being proportionately small. These rumors seem to have some basis in fact, although the extent of the difference appears to be exaggerated.

Finally, how large is the sample size? If it’s only 20 men, a single large or small dick can skew the results.

A definitive study would involve a large and completely random selection of men from a wide variety of human populations (or a similarly large and completely random selection within a specific population depending on whom you’re measuring yourself against). It could be conducted free of bias using exactly the same methodology for each subject. And it would be conducted on penises at peak erection. This is a pretty tall order and not surprisingly, out of the dozens of studies conducted, not a single one has conformed to all of these requirements.

Perhaps the single greatest difficulty in measuring the erect dick is the variation in the erection size of a single individual. We all know when we’re busting a maximum stiffy, but we can’t always conjure one up at a moment’s notice, especially in a clinical setting. To counter this problem, one study measured every guy coming out of a nightclub on spring break. They used attractive women to act as “fluffers” to help them build up a head of steam. And it seemed to work. The experiment is seen as one of the most definitive and the average came in at 5.9 inches.

Another method is to eschew erections period. Apparently, there is a very strong correlation between the length of an erection and the length of the same penis when fully stretched. This makes sense as dicks are only partially elastic. They’re more like the bellows of an accordion than an elastic band. You can pull them out a fair ways, but then they come to a point where no amount of tugging will make them any longer. Indeed, it is thought that the size of the penis is a direct function of the capacity of the tunica albuginea, a tough fibrous sheath that surrounds the corpus cavernosa. Once the tunica albuginea is maxed out, that’s it, bub.

Of course, with this approach you need to really yank on the thing to get the maximum stretch. Most studies don’t do this and accordingly the results for stretched penis length come in at about a quarter-inch less than studies on erect length.

So where does that leave us? Well, perhaps the best way to determine the average penis size is to take an average of the averages. While there may be a difference of an inch and a half between the averages of all the studies conducted, the studies, like the penises they measured tend to be arrayed along a bell curve. The average “average” is slightly more than 5.75 inches. And if you look at our penis size survey, you’ll see it comes in at around same value.

So, here’s how to tell if you’re average. Wait until you’re sporting a maximum stiffy, then lay a ruler along the top of your penis. You can buy an extra 0.5″ by measuring along the side and you can probably eek out another 0.25″ by pushing the ruler in until it hurts. But as you do this, ask yourself who it is exactly that you’re trying to kid. If you top out at 5.5″, then you’re slightly smaller than average. If you break the six inch barrier then you’re slightly bigger. If you’re anywhere in between you are the medium, mode and median all wrapped up in one. You’re average, bub.

Several men report an increase in growth penis

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Chapter 26:
The JAI Stretch: Quick & Easy
The basic stretch is just one of fourteen different stretching exercises. Each stretch is similar in form, but unique in the way it places stress on the penis. The JAI stretch is another beginner stretch that you can do whenever you get a few minutes of privacy.

The man who invented this exercise tried every exercise from here to Japan with nothing but failure. He couldn’t gain if his sex–life depended on it. But then he applied the concept of active isolated stretching—which involves light, quick stretches—and applied it to penis exercises.1 The outcome worked so well that he gained within weeks. He’s not the only one. Several men report an increase in growth from this exercise.

The best part about JAI stretches is that you don’t have to do hundreds for them to work—just do a few here and there. Every time you go to the bathroom, for example. On a thirty second restroom break? Do five to twenty JAI stretches after your done doing your business. You can also use this exercise as a preliminary warm up stretch before you do your other stretches.

The JAI Stretch:

1. Erection Level: 0 to 40 percent

2. Recommended Reps for Beginners: 20

The Exercise:

1. Gently stretch your penis and hold for two seconds.

2. Release the stretch for two seconds

3. Repeat steps one and two until you’ve completed your desired number of reps.

JAI Stretching Tips

Pattern your breathing:

A great way to get rid of the tedious second counting is to pattern your breathing with your stretch. Do this by exhaling for the two seconds you are pulling out, and inhaling for the two seconds you are resting—or vice versa.

Pull gently:

The goal is to perform a light and quick stretch, lasting approximately two seconds. Avoid stretching for more than two seconds. Also, pull slightly lighter than you do with the basic stretch. If you pull too hard, or for too long, the JAI stretches won’t be effective. The picture on the right shows the model pulling too hard. Notice how the ligaments at the base of his penis are stretched out and extended much more than in the gentle stretch above (See Appendix B for an illustration of the ligaments).
Chapter 26:
Chapter 27:
Basic Beginner’s Routine
You’ve learned the basic principles of performing penis exercises. You’ve learned the beginning exercises. Now it’s time to put it together—in the form of a penis exercises routine. In accordance with the basic principles of performing penis exercises, you’ll want to start out light and slowly increase the intensity over time. Accordingly, you’ll only use the beginning exercises for the first five weeks. Thereafter, you can gradually add more advanced exercises to your workouts.

Similar to gym workout routines, there are countless different penis exercises routines. You can come up with any number of variations by changing the reps you do, the number of days you workout, and the exercises you use. The Basic Beginner’s Routine, which incorporates all of the fundamental exercises into a workout, is the most popular beginning routine. This routine is the most effective and is a great starting point for most men. However, if you have fairly weak erections, short–lasting erections, or if you have sex or masturbate less than once a week, then start with one of the alternative routines described in the next chapter, which are less intense.

The Basic Beginner’s Routine – 5 Weeks

Three days a week, do the following:

The main workout:
1.10 minute warm up
2.5 minutes of basic stretching
3.10 minutes of jelqing

Anytime throughout the workout day:
•20 to 60 JAI stretches
•3 sets of 20 kegels (roughly 1 minute of kegeling)


Do the kegel start/stop every time you use the restroom

Increase the intensity:

Over five weeks, steadily increase to twenty minutes of jelqing and ten minutes of basic stretching. This is just a suggested guideline, and it’s okay if you don’t reach this goal. The important thing is that you have healthy body clues and you are gaining.

Add more kegels:

Over five weeks, increase to at least three minutes and no more than five minutes of kegeling per workout. Also, do ten kegel slams once your pelvic floor muscles are strong enough.

When to exercise:

During week 1, take at least two days off between workouts. By week 2, move up to exercising every other day as long as you feel comfortable doing so. By week 3, you can move up to exercising four days a week as long as you have healthy body clues.

Example Calendar for Basic Beginner’s Routine

The Basic Beginner’s Routine is a guideline. It generally lasts five weeks, but you may need more time. This routine doesn’t need to be followed religiously. You are encouraged — and expected — to make it your own. No one knows your penis, your body, and your schedule better than you do. If after five weeks you’re ready to increase the intensity even more, proceed to Part 5 where you can start using advanced exercises.
Chapter 28:
Alternative Beginning Routines
Question: “I’m skeptical of exercising my penis, so I’m in no rush. Can I start out with a lighter routine than the Basic Beginner’s Routine?”

Yes. There is no set limit on how much—or how little—you exercise. In fact, several men report that they couldn’t gain with the basic routine, but when they later switched to a lighter routine they had great results. That’s because in the beginning often just a few minutes of performing penis exercises, if done consistently, will encourage growth. Moreover, for some men, the Basic Beginner’s Routine is simply too intense.

In this chapter, you will find two other popular beginner routines. Both routines last longer than the traditional five weeks of the Basic Beginner’s Routine. Both are also lighter than the Basic Beginner’s Routine, so they might be too light for your penis to grow. On the other hand, you may gain even more with one of these routines. It all depends on how “fit” your penis is, your genetics, and other factors.

The Progressive Routine – 8 Weeks

Three days a week, do the following:

The main workout:
•5 minute warm up
•2.5 minutes of basic stretching
•3 minutes of jelqing (75 jelqs)

Continue to do kegels and JAI stretches according to the Basic Beginner’s Routine recommendation.

Increase the intensity:

Each week add one minute of jelqing and one minute of stretching.

When to exercise:

During your first week, take at least 2 days off between workouts. By your second week, move up to exercising every other day as long as you feel comfortable doing so. By your third week, you can move up to exercising four days a week as long as you have healthy body clues.

Alternative Routine 1: The Progressive Routine

The Progressive Routine starts light and progressively works its way up. This routine is useful for becoming familiar with performing penis exercises and at the same time making gains with less effort.

Key Points of the Progressive Routine
•Less work than the Basic Beginner’s Routine.
•Less chance of over-training or unwanted side effects occurring than with the Basic Beginner’s Routine.
•Can be performed quickly in the shower.
•A good starting point for men with weak erections or men who don’t use their penis frequently.
•Advance after eight weeks instead of five.
•Growth often doesn’t happen as rapidly as the Basic Beginner’s Routine.

Example Calendar for Progressive Routine

After eight weeks, move onto Part 5 and gradually incorporate some advanced exercises into the mix.

Workout Rest Day Rest Day Workout Rest Day Rest Day Workout
Rest Day Workout Rest Day Workout Rest Day Workout Rest Day
Workout Rest Day Workout Rest Day Workout Rest Day Workout
Rest Day Workout Rest Day Workout Rest Day Workout Workout
Rest Day Workout Rest Day Workout Workout Rest Day Workout

Alternative Routine 2: The Least Work/Max Gain Routine

The Least Work/Max Gain Routine is best if your time is limited, or if you plan on spending as little time as possible performing penis exercises. The routine was created by a man who uses the online alias Babbis.

In a nutshell, with this routine you penile exercise six total days, take a month off, and then repeat. The reason behind the break is simple. Fairly quickly, your penis becomes “conditioned” to the exercises. By taking a break, you’re “deconditioning” your penis, and keeping it ready to grow (you’ll learn more about conditioning, deconditioning, and breaks in Part 5). Numerous penile exercisers report that this light routine makes it easier to stay motivated. Moreover, several beginners find that they gain just as much, in the beginning when using a routine similar to the Least Work/Max Gain Routine.

Key Points of the Least Work/Max Gain Routine
•Maximum amount of growth with least amount of work.
•Less chance of over-training than if were to follow a more intense routine.
•Most men who gain with this routine typically notice results within the first two or three workouts. So if you try this routine, you’ll know fairly quickly if it’s right for you or not. And if it’s not, you can easily switch to the Basic Beginner’s Routine.
•Lasts at least eight weeks, and possibly more.
•Isn’t as consistent as the Basic Beginner’s Routine.
•May not increase hardness as effective as the other routines, largely because of the break. You can counteract this by consistently sticking to a good kegel routine.

The Least Work/Max Gain Routine – 1 to 6 Months

Do the workout, and then rest for 2 days. Do this for a total of 6 workouts (18 total days). Thereafter, do light exercises for 1 week. Then take 1 month off. Continue to do kegels and JAI stretches according to the Basic Beginner’s Routine recommendation.

The main workout:
•10 minute warm up
•5 minutes of basic stretching
•7 minutes of jelqing (roughly 150 jelqs)

After the 18 days – Cement, Break, and Repeat:

If you gained using the routine, move onto the 1 week of light exercising and then the break. If you didn’t gain, and you don’t have unhealthy body clues, proceed to the Basic Beginner’s Routine.

1 week of light exercising:

The day after your last main workout, do the following every day for seven days:
•2.5 minutes of basic stretching (30 second holds in each direction)
•2 minutes of jelqing (50 jelqs).

1–month break:

During the break, do not do any exercises that actually involve exercising your penis, such as the jelq. Continue to do kegels, and build up their intensity according to the Basic Beginner’s Routine.


After the break, repeat the routine as many times as you can gain while doing so. But each time around, add an extra five minutes of jelqing and an extra five minutes of stretching. After three cycles, or when the routine stops providing growth, proceed to Part 5 and incorporate advanced exercises into the mix.

Example Calendar for Least Work/Max Gain Routine

Measure after every second rest day. If you are still gaining after the sixth workout, continue to exercise every third day until the growth stops. Thereafter, continue to the one week of light exercises. The light exercises serve as a mini–cementing routine to make your gains more likely to be permanent (you’ll learn more about cementing and the permanency of gains in Part 5).
Chapter 29:
Your Unique Goals
Most penis exercisers share one common goal—the desire for a bigger penis. But their specific goals often differ. Some men want a longer penis as opposed to a thicker one, or vice versa. Some men don’t even want a bigger penis; they just want to improve their hardness and their penis health.

Each of these specific goals can be accomplished by following a more specific routine. Follow these guidelines to make your routine more specific.

If You Want Both Length and Girth

Follow the Basic Beginner’s Routine or one of the alternative routines from the previous chapter. They have all the key elements of building more girth, more length, and more hardness. Jelqing helps with length, girth, and hardness. Stretching helps with both length and hardness. The kegel is well–known for making the penis harder, but it also makes the penis bigger by increasing penile blood flow.

If You Want Just Length

Focus on both jelqing and stretching. Do your jelqs with a low erection level, around 50 percent. After the first five weeks, add a variety of advanced length exercises and omit the advanced girth exercises. Instead of doing girth exercises, spend the extra time stretching and jelqing.

If You Want Just Girth

For now, focus on jelqing. Do your jelqs with a high erection level, around 75 percent. Also continue to do four or five minutes of stretches before your jelqs, as this keeps the tissues within your penis stretched and ready to expand outward. After the first five weeks, you can start incorporating advanced girth exercises.

If You Want Just Hardness

Follow the Basic Beginner’s Routine. Both jelqing and stretching contribute to increased hardness. Also put in an extra effort to do your daily kegels since they are the best exercise for increasing hardness.

If You Want to Straighten a Curve

Penile exercising has helped several men straighten a curve in their penis, mainly with exercises that are focused on going “against the curve.” You can learn how to incorporate curve–fixing exercises into your routine in Appendix A, under the section “Fixing a Penis Curve.”
Chapter 30:
Your Unique Penis
The Basic Beginner’s Routine has all the crucial elements of a successful workout plan. Still, this routine may not fit everyone’s individual needs for growth. That’s because there isn’t such a thing as a magic, one–size–fits–all routine. And for this reason, the Basic’s Beginner’s Routine is just a general guideline. Routines similar to it have worked for thousands of men, but it still may be too intense—or maybe even too light—for you. Every man’s penis is different. Not all penises are as physically fit as one another, nor are they the same anatomically.

From the anatomy standpoint, an example of how each man’s penis is different involves the tunica—a tissue that surrounds the penis just beneath the skin. The tunica is a multi–layered, tendon–like tissue that governs the size of the penis. It is extremely strong. Most penises have two layers of tunica. Some penises, however, have only one layer of tunica; others have three.1 It has been suggested that perhaps men gain quicker (or slower) depending on how many layers of tunica they have. Regardless, the unique anatomy of your penis and your genetics will presumably play a crucial part in how your penis reacts to certain exercises and routines, and ultimately how much your penis grows.

Just as important as the anatomy of your penis—and possibly even more important—is the fitness level of your penis. That is, how physically fit is your penis? How often is your penis put to work? How often do you get an erection, masturbate, or have sex?

A man who masturbates or has sex only once or twice a week has a less physically fit penis than a man who has sex daily. Similarly, a man whose average sex session is no more than ten minutes has a weaker penis than a man who typically has sex for an hour or more. Simply put, a man who uses his penis more has a more physically fit penis.

These two differences—anatomy and fitness—can cause problems with a set routine. For instance, a man with a weak penis may find that Basic’s Beginner’s Routine is too intense for him. Or a man with a strong, fit penis may find that the Basic Beginner’s Routine is not intense enough.

For comparison, it’s easy to find out what works for you while exercising at the gym. You lift the highest amount of weight possible, or “max out,” and then base your workouts off that weight. Because there is no way to find your max when performing penis exercises, you may be going way beyond your max and over-training, or way below it and under-training—and therefore stopping yourself from gaining without even knowing it.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re bench pressing and your max is 200 pounds. But let’s pretend you don’t know your max. You’re exercising in the dark. You start out lifting only fifty pounds for a few weeks, but this isn’t enough weight to cause any growth (you’re under-training). So you decide to bump it up a notch and lift 300 pounds (which is way past over-training). Not only do you not grow, but you also have a broken rib cage from dropping the weight on your chest.

This is exactly what is going on when you penile exercise—you’re exercising “in the dark.” Fortunately, there is one way to combat this in the dark exercising, and it involves that all–important principle of performing penis exercises.

The most important thing you can do is pay attention to your body clues—they are more important than any set number of reps, time, or routine. As you know, your body clues let you know when to increase the intensity and when to step back.

As you advance, use the body clue cheat sheet along with the general guideline below to help direct you:
•If you have healthy body clues and you are gaining, then you are on the right track.
•If you have healthy body clues—or no clear indication of unhealthy body clues—and you are not gaining, then you are most likely not using enough intensity. Gradually bump it up until you start gaining.
•If you have unhealthy body clues and you are not gaining, then you need more rest and less intensity.
Chapter 31:
Putting the Circle of Gains into Practice
Now that you are exercising your penis, let’s dig up those all–important principles form the Circle of Gains—obtain adequate rest, increase the intensity, and pay attention to your body clues—and demonstrate how easily they fit into your routine. To do this, here’s a profile of a typical penile exerciser. Let’s call him Billy.

Scenario 1

Billy starts off using the Basic Beginner’s Routine. He makes sure to get at least two days of rest between workouts. After one week, Billy notices stronger erections and more erections throughout the night—two healthy body clues. Billy continues with the routine. After two more days, Billy’s erections are still harder and more frequent. On top of that, he measures a gain of .125 inches in both length and girth.

Billy knows he is on the right track because he is experiencing all healthy body clues along with the best clue of them all—growth. At this point, Billy can go in two directions. He can either continue with his current routine until the growth stops, or he can gradually increase the intensity in an effort to keep growth coming in steady.

Billy decides to gradually add more time to his workout. Over the next two weeks he adds an additional minute of jelqing to each workout day. By the end of the second week, he is jelqing for an extra six minutes. He is also exercising every other day. Billy’s routine looks like this:

The End of Week 3:
•10 minute warm up
•5 minutes of basic stretching
•16 minutes of jelqing

This goes well for Billy, as he gains another .125” length. Keep in mind that Billy didn’t just add six minutes to his jelqing routine. He added one minute of jelqing to every workout day. This gradual build up—opposed to a giant leap—is what separates growth from over-training

Scenario 2

After four weeks, Billy is performing penis exercises four days a week. He still makes an effort to get at least one day of rest between most of his workouts. His kegels are also up to three minutes each workout day. To make things easy, he breaks the kegeling sessions into three, one minute sessions. He does one minute in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

Everything is going well for Billy. He has made continual gains and has yet to experience an unhealthy body clue. In light of his success, Billy believes his penis can handle much more than he is giving it. So, in an effort to speed up the growth, Billy decides to add ten extra minutes of jelqing and ten extra minutes of stretching. His routine now looks like this:

The Beginning of Week 5:
•10 minute warm up
•15 minutes of basic stretching
•26 minutes of jelqing

After a week, Billy starts noticing negative changes. Billy experiences numbness after his workouts, weaker erections, and a smaller flaccid penis—three unhealthy body clues. And he hasn’t gained.

The unhealthy body clues indicate that Billy is most likely over-training By rapidly upping his workout, Billy went well over his “max.” Although performing penis exercises forty minutes per workout after four weeks is okay for a few men, it’s clearly too much for Billy.

Everybody is different, and this is why the body clues are the most important aspect of performing penis exercises—they guide your routine. In this case, Billy’s body clues are telling him to hit the brakes, slow down, and take a step back.

Scenario 3

To recuperate from his over-training, Billy makes it an effort to give his penis rest. He wisely waits for his erections to return to normal before jumping back into the swing of things. When Billy returns, he goes back to the last routine in which he was experiencing healthy body clues. Going back to the last routine where things were good and healthy is often the best place to restart when things go bad. Billy is back to using this routine:

Week 6:
•10 minute warm up
•5 minutes of basic stretching
•16 minutes of jelqing

Billy’s initial five weeks are complete, so he can technically (but definitely shouldn’t) advance past the beginner routine and use some advance exercises. But Billy knows that he’s not ready just yet. He just got over a big set–back. For this reason, Billy continues to use the same routine for the next few workouts.

Fairly quickly, Billy starts to experience healthy body clues again. He isn’t gaining though, so he decides to increase the intensity. Over the next two weeks, he finishes the Basic Beginner’s Routine recommendations, and his routine now looks like this:

Week 8:
•10 minute warm up
•10 minutes of basic stretching
•20 minutes of jelqing

This works well for Billy, as he gains .25” in length and .125” in girth. Now that Billy is ready to move up—which is evident by his healthy body clues—he proceeds to the Basic Advancing Routine (outlined in Part 5).

Adding it Up

On the surface, it might seem as if Billy wasn’t gaining much—just a little bit here and there. But these small gains add up. Over the long haul, Billy gained half an inch in length and a quarter an inch in girth. For an average–sized penis, this is roughly a 15 percent increase in volume. In practice, this is how performing penis exercises works. You gain in small increments, and overtime those increments convert to extra inches on the ruler.

The jelq is the foundation of penis exercises

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The jelq is the foundation of penis exercises. No matter what you’re exercising your penis for—to gain girth, length, or hardness—the jelq will help you get there. The jelq works so well because it uses an OK–grip to push your blood, and the nutrients within it, throughout your penis. The jelq also builds pressure within the penis’ smooth muscle, blood vessels, and other tissues. Overtime, the stress of this pressure causes the penis to expand, enlarge, and harden—similar to how putting stress on your muscles causes them to become stronger and harder.

A common question is, “Where did the jelq come from?” Oddly enough, the jelq’s origin is largely a mystery. Some sources speculate it has been around for roughly 30 years, and is nothing more than a fine art of masturbating; others suggest that the jelq is an ancient Arabic exercise. Regardless of the jelq’s origins, its popularity is wide–spread on the Internet and in the penis enlargement community. And for good reason—many men have gained inches from just this one exercise.

Lubrication Required

To jelq you’ll need a lubricant, such as baby oil. Eventually, you may be able to get by without using lubrication, but stick with it for now. Lubrication is gentle on the skin, which helps you overcome some of the unwanted side effects such as skin darkening. It also makes the learning process easier.

Good Lubricants

The best lubricants don’t have to be continually reapplied. Below is a list of popular lubricants that have worked for many penile exercisers.
•Baby oil (the best baby oil has added vitamin E and aloe, as both are healthy for the skin)
•Canola oil
•Vegetable oil
•Olive oil
•Coconut oil
•K–Y jelly
•Essential Vein Oil
•Penile exercising oils

Essential Vein Oil

Essential Vein Oil (EVO) was made for the sole purpose of performing penis exercises. For that reason, EVO is a more beneficial lubricant, but it’s also more expensive. Created by a penile exerciser who uses the online alias Eroset, EVO combines several essential oils and herbs that are vasodilators—meaning they open your blood vessels and increase blood flow. As a result, EVO is great for increasing hardness and overall penile health. The downfall of EVO is that you have to make it yourself. For a list of ingredients and instructions on how to make EVO, see Appendix D: Penile Exercising Resources.

Penile Exercising Oils

If you don’t want to make your own lubricant, such as EVO, but want to find a lubricant with vasodilators and other ingredients specific to improving penile hardness, go to http://www.PEGym.com/lubricants. There you can find user reviews of all the popular lubricants.

Bad Lubricants

The worst lubricants are water, lotions, and soaps. Water is a bad lubricant because it doesn’t last for more than a few jelq strokes. Lotions and soaps are bad because they often cause skin irritation and make your penis itch.
Chapter 22:
Your Erection Level
When you jelq, you’ll need to consider your erection level—how engorged your penis is. You don’t want to jelq too erect because it can be potentially dangerous. On the other hand, you don’t want to jelq without any engorgement or the jelq won’t be effective.

To help you decipher how erect your penis should be when jelqing and doing other exercises, this chapter has a detailed description of the five different erection levels. Each erection level is gauged by percentage. A full–blown erection is a 100 percent erection level. An absolutely flaccid penis is a 0 percent erection level. Use the following “erection gauge” to help you with all the penis exercises throughout the book.

The penis is in a completely flaccid state. With a zero percent erection level, the penis is in its smallest and least erect state. With some men, their flaccid penis is always at a zero percent erection level. Other men only experience a zero percent erection level on rare occasions—when they swim in a cold pool, for example.

The penis is in a flaccid state.

With a 25 percent erection level, the penis is flaccid; but it is filled with more blood and often feels more flexible than a 0 percent erection level. Most stretches are done with a 25 percent erection level.

The penis is in a fully–pumped flaccid state. With a 50 percent erection level, the penis is still flaccid; but it is pumped with blood and much larger than a 0 percent erection level. A penis with a 50 percent erection level is near the size of the erect penis, but with no firmness or hardness whatsoever. In this state, the penis can be moved, bent, and squeezed without any resistance. Some girth exercises are performed with a 50 percent erection level.

The penis is in a semi–erect state. With a 75 percent erection level, the penis is nearly full of blood. In this state, the penis still can be moved, bended, jelqed, and squeezed; but with slight resistance. A semi–erect penis has minor firmness and hardness, but generally isn’t hard enough to penetrate the vagina for sex. Various girth exercises are performed in this erection level.

The penis is in a completely erect state. With a 100 percent erection level, the penis is full of blood and can penetrate a vagina with ease. In this state, the penis provides great resistance and is much harder to move, bend, jelq, and squeeze. Avoid exercising in this state until you have been exercising for at least three months—and possibly much longer. Penile exercising with a 100 percent erection level is dangerous if your penis isn’t conditioned to the exercises. And even if it is conditioned, for the most part you’ll want to avoid exercising your penis with an erection.

Jelqing With a Proper Erection Level

As a general rule: The higher your erection level, the less flexible your penis, and the more intense the exercise. In the beginning, you’ll want to jelq with an erection level between 40 and 75 percent. Jelqing with less than 40 or 50 percent is unproductive because it doesn’t efficiently push blood throughout your penis. Jelqing with more than 75 percent is dangerous when you first start out because your penis isn’t conditioned for performing penis exercises.

To keep it safe, stay in the 40 to 75 percent range until you’ve been performing penis exercises for two months. After that, you can gradually increase your erection level and thus the amount of intensity. In the future, you’ll have the opportunity to perform some jelq–like advance exercises with a 95 percent erection level, but even with these exercises you should still be able to move the blood up your penis without having to force it.

Many penile exercisers find that jelqing at higher erection levels obtains more girth, whereas jelqing at lower erection levels obtains more length. Try different variations to see what works best for you. But never jelq with a 100 percent erection level. Your penis is resistant to change when it’s erect, and forcing anything on your erect penis is like forcing pressure on an inflated tire.

Are You a Grower or a Shower?

A grower typically has a small flaccid penis that grows exceptionally upon erection. The average flaccid size of a grower is usually around a 0 to 25 percent erection level. A shower (pronounced sh oh ‘er) is good for “show” and has a big flaccid penis that doesn’t enlarge that much upon erection. The average flaccid size of a shower is generally around a 50 to 60 percent erection level. According to an international Men’s Health survey, 79 percent of men are growers and 21 percent of men are showers.
Chapter 23:
Jelqing: Step-by-Step
Jelqing doesn’t require extreme pressure for it to work. The goal is to push the blood up the penis, not force it. Use a graceful, light grip.

Starting Position

You can either sit or stand while doing this exercise, but many men find that it’s most comfortable to sit down with their legs spread apart. Either way, keep your back straight and allow gravity to do its work—centralizing the blood to your pelvic region.

Erection Level

Your erection level should be between 40 and 75 percent.

Remember to warm up for ten minutes before attempting the jelq.

The Jelq
•Lather your penis with lubrication and bring your penis to desired erection level.
•With either hand, use your thumb and pointer finger to create an OK–grip around the base of your penis. Place the grip as close to the pubic bone as possible.
•Apply pressure to the grip and slowly move it up the penis. The ideal pressure is one that does not hurt, but effectively milks your penis.
•Stop the grip directly before you reach the head (do not jelq the head of your penis). You have completed one jelq. Each jelq should take approximately two to three seconds.
•Immediately take your other hand and repeat the same process. Switch hands each rep until you reach the desired number of reps.

Extra Jelq Tips!

Add a stretch:

If part of your goal is to gain length, then give your penis a quick tug after each jelq. This light, gentle stretch should take no more than half a second.

Jelq backwards:

Several penile exercisers attest that jelqing in a backwards motion has allowed them to build a thicker base. To jelq backwards, simply push the blood towards the base of your penis rather than towards the head.

Use time as your counter:

You can record your workouts two ways. The first way is to count reps. Counting reps can become tiresome when you are doing an exercise that requires more than a hundred reps. The second way is to use time as your counter. For example, a jelq lasts roughly two to three seconds, which translates into roughly 250 jelqs every ten minutes. Many men find that timing ten minutes is easier than counting all 250 jelqs.

If you’re uncircumcised, try pulling back your foreskin:

It doesn’t matter if you’re uncircumcised or circumcised when performing penis exercises. However, many uncircumcised men report that it’s more comfortable to use one hand to draw back the foreskin and the other hand to jelq.

Avoid placing pressure on the top of your penis:

Your dorsal nerve runs along the top of your penis and it is like the spinal cord of your penis sensitivity. In short, it allows your penis to keenly feel sensation. If you place an exorbitant amount of pressure on this sensitive area, you may cause damage that could temporarily lead to less sensitivity.

Common Jelqing Questions!

“Is there another way to grip when jelqing?”

The OK–grip is the most common grip, but it’s not the only one. Anything that pushes blood up your penis will work. Another notable grip is the pincher grip. To form the pincher grip, place your index finger on one side of your penis and your thumb on the other side. When complete, the grip looks as if you are pinching your penis.

Both the OK–grip and pincher grip are effective. The pincher grip, however, puts less pressure on both the underside and the head of your penis. For variety, switch it up and rotate the two grips. For another variation of the pincher grip, put your index finger on the underside of your penis and your thumb on the upper side.

Pincher Grip
Pincher Grip

“Do I really need a lubricant to jelq?”

Not exactly, but I recommend that you use lubrication to learn how to jelq. Think of it this way: Lubrication is to jelqing as training wheels are to riding a bicycle. Jelqing without lubrication—also known as dry jelqing—causes skin irritation for several men, which often leads to darkening of the penis and other unwanted side effects. Skin irritation is especially more apt to occur in the beginning, when you are first learning how to jelq.

Yet, after the initial two or three weeks, many men find that the skin irritation is minimal. So once you master the jelq, feel free to experiment. The dry jelq may not cause you any problems. If you attempt dry jelqing, use a lighter grip than when wet jelqing.

Another way you can dry jelq—and possibly avoid skin irritation—is to keep the OK–grip in constant contact with the same spot of skin for the entire jelq (rather than pushing the grip up the skin). Using this method, it may be hard to complete a jelq with one single stroke (from the base to the head). Therefore, jelqing the shaft in two or three strokes might be necessary. For example, start at the base of your penis and jelq to mid-shaft Then re-grip and go from mid-shaft to the head of your penis. (Note: many men have trouble understanding this exercise with words and pictures alone. For more clarity, go to http://www.pegym.com for a video.)

If you find that the skin irritation isn’t a problem for you, dry jelqing does have its pros. The biggest pro of dry jelqing is that it’s great if you’re performing penis exercises in secrecy and you are not telling your significant other, as it doesn’t require cleaning up lubrication afterward. Dry jelqing is also easy to do in places where wet jelqing is impracticable. For example, you can perform a few dry jelqs during bathroom breaks. Another pro of dry jelqing is that it’s less arousing, which is beneficial if you find yourself continually getting erect while jelqing.

Another alternative that doesn’t require lubrication is using a jelq simulator. This device provides the same effect as the jelq, often with even more consistency, and generally doesn’t require the use of a lubricant. You can read more about jelq simulators in Appendix A under the section “Penis Enlargement Devices.”

“I always get an erection when I try to jelq. How do I fix it?”

The jelq is an arousing exercise. Eventually, with enough practice, you will be able to rise above this problem. In the meantime:
•Try to calm your arousal with your mind. Take deep breaths and relax.
•Stop, let your erection subside, and resume.
•Use the pincher grip to focus the pressure on the left and right side of your penis. Switching to the pincher grip often works because the OK–grip stimulates the underside of your penis, which is an extremely arousing area.
•Try getting up and walking around for a minute or two while you jelq. This will circulate your blood throughout your body.
•If all else fails, try dry jelqing.

Jelq Assignment
1.Obtain a lubricant
2.Jelq for ten minutes (approximately 250 jelqs)
Chapter 24:
While the jelq works by forcing blood all throughout the penis, the stretch is much more basic. As you can imagine, stretching is a simple process. Compare penile stretching to stretching a rubber band. When you stretch a rubber band for the first few times, it typically goes back to its normal size. But if you stretch the same rubber band over and over, it will eventually become longer. Similarly, a single penile stretch doesn’t cause growth. Instead, penis growth occurs through multiple stretches over time.

Stretching is possibly the oldest form of penis exercises and is indispensable to any man trying to gain length. It also increases hardness, so you’ll want to do at least four or five minutes of stretching even if your main goal isn’t more length.

Not Tug Of War

The goal of stretching is to slowly accustom your penis to the stress. Key word: slowly. Your penis doesn’t react well to sudden, quick stretches. The more sudden the stretch, the more likely you’ll injure your penis, and the less likely you’ll gain. So avoid pulling as if you’re in a tug of war contest, especially in the beginning. At first, start with slow and gentle stretches.
Chapter 25:
Basic Stretching: Step-by-Step
The basic stretch is the backbone of all length exercises. Once you get the hang of this exercise, the other stretches will come naturally.

Starting Position

You can stretch while standing, sitting, or laying down.

Erection Level

Your erection level should be between 0 and 40 percent. In the beginning, avoid stretching with an erection level much more than your typical flaccid penis.

Remember to warm up for ten minutes. If you just warmed up so you could jelq, then you do not have to warm up again.

The Basic Stretch:
•Grip your penis. Anywhere will do, so long as you don’t directly grip the head.
•Gently pull straight out for 30 seconds.
•After the stretch, quickly restore blood circulation by either kegeling or gently slapping your penis against your leg.
•Repeat steps 1 through 3, but stretch your penis in the following directions for 30 seconds each:
•Down, penis pointing towards the floor
•Up, penis pointing towards the ceiling
•Right, penis pointing to the right
•Left, penis pointing to the left

Common Stretching Questions

“Will I lose girth by stretching?”

No, stretching generally doesn’t cause a loss in girth. In fact, when combined with the jelq and girth exercises (which you’ll use after you advance), stretching may actually help increase girth. That’s because after stretching, the tissues within the penis are already flexible and submissive. Combine the increase flexibility with girth exercises or jelqing, then the penis will continue to stretch, but in an outward direction. Several penile exercisers also report an increase in girth at their base—near the pubic bone—because of stretching.

“Can I hold the stretch longer than 30 seconds?”

When you first start out, keep your stretches to a maximum hold of thirty seconds each. Over the next five weeks, work your way up to sixty to ninety second holds.

“What should I feel when stretching?”

Many men feel different things when they stretch. Several penile exercisers feel a slight tingling sensation, a sense of itchiness, or a feeling of fatigue (similar to a post–gym workout), whereas others feel nothing. Regardless, your body clues and ruler measurements are much more important than what you feel while stretching. As long as you don’t feel any pain, then you are most likely on the right track.

“Can I just stretch straight out?”

You’ll want to stretch in every angle possible, not just straight out. Stretching in multiple angles will maximize your growth because stretching in different directions targets different areas. For instance, roughly half of your penis is tucked away inside your body. Many men find that stretching straight down stretches the ligaments, which in turn “releases” some of that tucked away inner penis that’s hidden from the outside world.

But you don’t want to focus on just stretching down either. By stretching in multiple angles, you’re increasing the areas your penis can grow. That’s because stretching in other angles also targets different parts of your actual penis. Stretching up actually focuses the stretch on your inner penis; stretching to the right focuses the stretch on the left part of your penis; and stretching left focuses on the right part of your penis. The right and left parts of the penis are known as the corpus chambers and you can learn more about them in Appendix B: The Penis Anatomy.

The only instance that you’ll want to stretch in just one direction is if you have a penis curve that you would like to straighten. In this case, focus your stretches in the opposite direction of the curve (see page 172 for more information).

“I can’t obtain a good grip when stretching. How do I fix it?”

Use a stretching aide, such as baby powder, rubber gloves, or a fabric of some sort (like a cotton cloth). Baby powder can be placed on your hands and penis; whereas rubber gloves and fabric typically cover your hands. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t be pulling too hard. Using too much force too soon can actually impede growth. No matter how hard it is to believe, it is the light and gentle stretches that lead to growth in the beginning.

Basic Stretch Assignment

Do the basic stretch in all directions, twice. This translates into five minutes of basic stretching.

The Importance of the Kegel for penis grow

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Chapter 15:
The Importance of the Kegel
“A hard man is good to find.”
– Mae West

Over the years, several women—and even men—have told me that a hard penis is more important than a big one.

One woman interviewed said, “The most important thing about a penis is its hardness. Who cares about penis size! Give me a penis that’s rock–hard for a long period of time, and I’ll keep coming back for more and more.”

Another woman said, “A really hard penis is the biggest turn on of them all—simply because it shows that he really wants me.”

It’s true: a hard penis is the foundation of an optimal sex life. So it’s surprising that there isn’t more focus on penis hardness rather than penis size. But perhaps you’re as hard as you want to be. Perhaps you always have the sexual stamina to please your partner the way she or he craves to be pleased. But maybe you don’t. And if not, the kegel will help it happen. So, whether you’re a soft man wanting to become hard, or a hard man wanting to become harder, the kegel is the number one exercise for the job. But the kegel doesn’t stop there. Many men have experienced a long array of benefits from kegeling, such as:
•Longer–lasting erections,
•Multiple orgasms,
•A cure for erectile dysfunction,
•A cure for premature ejaculation,
•A healthier prostate,
•An improvement in penile blood flow,
•An increase in intensity orgasm,
•An increase in “shooting distance” when ejaculating,
•An increase in control of ejaculation, which leads to greater sexual stamina,
•An increase in angle of erection (for example, one man declared that his penis use to point towards the floor when erect, but now it points more straight out),
•An increase in penis size (generally caused by an improvement in blood flow),
•A cure for post–nucturition dribble (in which urine consistently dribbles from the penis at the end of an urination session)

Several penile exercisers have also reported that kegeling has helped enlarge the head of their penis. The head is considered one of the best parts of the penis to enlarge because it is the first part of your penis that your partner will feel during intercourse. So, to that end, the kegel is the first—and the most important—exercise you will learn. In fact, if you only do one exercise from this book, this is it.

The best part: the kegel is as simple as exercises come. It barely takes any time, and the multiple benefits makes the short time well spent. As far as penis exercises go, the kegel is also the only exercise that doesn’t actually involve exercising your penis, but instead real skeletal muscles.

Look, No Hands!

The kegel strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, which are skeletal muscles in the same class as your biceps, triceps, and abs. The pelvic floor muscles are located at the “root” of the inner penis—roughly half of the penis is actually inside the body, and this half is encircled by the pelvic floor muscles (see Appendix B). The only way to exercise these muscles is with your mind, not with your hands. And because kegels require nothing but the will of your mind, you can kegel anywhere, anytime, without anyone ever knowing.

Healthy pelvic floor muscles are essential to a healthy penis. Many doctors and sexual experts define the pelvic floor muscles as the sex muscles because of their heavy influence on the penis and therefore sex. Strong pelvic floor muscles provide the benefits you just read previously, and weak pelvic floor muscles often result in weak erections and premature ejaculation.

Demoting the PC Muscle

Kegels were originally developed by gynecologist Arnold Kegel in the 1940s for women. Dr. Kegel observed that if women exercised their pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, then they would have a healthier pelvic region, a tighter vagina, and stronger orgasms. Some women even noticed an increase in sexual desire. Men later found that they too could reap sexual benefits by kegeling.

When men kegel they aren’t exclusively using the PC muscle, which is well–established myth. A Registered Nurse and online moderator of Thunder’s Place Penis Enlargement Forums named Steve “westla90069” Beal largely debunked this myth in is his essay Locating the BC Muscle. “Men and women are different,” says Beal. “Females have essentially internal sex organs, males essentially external. The PC muscle is located in such a way that it is above and behind the penis and it contracts up into the pelvis. While its action on the rectum may add a little to the pull on the penis, it isn’t the main muscle being exercised when men do kegels.”

Men don’t use just one sex muscle when they kegel—they use a whole set of muscles, largely the bulbocavernosus “BC” muscle and the ischiocavernosus “IC” muscle (see Appendix B for more on these muscles).2 Kegeling makes both of these muscles stronger, which helps pump more blood into your penis. And as Dr. Steven Lamm, renowned author of The Hardness Factor, says, “Increasing blood flow to the penis strengthens erections and enhances the function of your vital organ.”

Harder Than Viagra?

So how effective are kegels? A recent clinical study published in the British Journal of General Practice had 55 impotent men exercise their pelvic floor muscles with exercises like the kegel. Prior to the study, none of the men could maintain an erection for more than 30 seconds. By the study’s end, 40 percent of the men had completely fixed their erectile dysfunction, and 35 percent of the men showed significant improvement. 3

“The results were a real surprise . . . Strengthening up the pelvic floor muscles not only improved strength, but also endurance,” said the lead scientist of the study, Dr. Grace Dorey, author of Stronger and Longer and visiting professor at the University of West England. “When men are going through a normal sex life, they should be looking to these exercises to extend their sex life. If men are performing reasonably well, this research would suggest that they may be able to improve their performance even further.”

Dr. Frank Sommer, a German Urologist and professor at Hamburg University of Men’s Health, conducted another study. The study involved 124 men who were separated into three groups. One group did pelvic floor exercises, one group took erection drugs (such as Viagra), and one group took a placebo (such as a salt pill). The pelvic exercise group took the lead with 80 percent experiencing stronger and harder erections, followed by the erection drug group with 74 percent, and the placebo group with 18 percent.

Kegels Help the Prostate

In The Prostate Health Program, authors Daniel W. Nixon, M.D., and Max Gomez, Ph.D., point out that exercising the pelvic floor muscles amplifies the circulation and stimulation of the prostate.

“When performed properly, Kegel exercises force blood into your penis and genital area, benefiting both the prostate and the urinary tract. In addition, Kegel exercises indirectly massage the prostate,” says Gomez and Nixon.

“Kegel exercises are also great for improving virility (potency) and achieving greater ejaculation and arousal control,” Gomez and Nixon affirm. “This impacts very favorably on the prostate, since a healthy sex life often equals a healthy prostate.”

A healthy prostate is important because behind lung cancer, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. Approximately one out of ten men will be diagnosed with the disease. And here’s the really bad news: the majority of men will have a problem with their prostate before they die. Whether it’s prostate cancer, prostate enlargement or prostate infection, each can have an ill effect on your penis, your sex, and ultimately your life.
Chapter 16:
Kegel Exercises
All this talk of pelvic floor muscles might have your head spinning more than The Beatles’ All You Need is Love disc in the late 60s. But kegeling is about as easy as it gets. The hardest part is locating the right muscles. But as long as you have a place to use the bathroom, whether it is the urinal at work, your backyard, or even your ex–girlfriend’s kitchen sink, you’ll be counting kegels in no time.

Finding Your Pelvic Floor Muscles
•Go to the restroom and urinate.
•Stop urinating mid–flow. The muscles used to clamp off your urine are your pelvic floor muscles. You should feel the muscles contract every time you stop urinating. If you didn’t feel it, try stopping again. This time, place two fingers on your perineum—the area between your testicles and anus—while stopping. You should be able to feel your muscles contracting with your fingers.
•Once you locate the muscles, contract them when you aren’t urinating. Each contraction is a kegel.

Kegel Exercise 1: The Kegel Start/Stop

The method used to find your pelvic floor muscles, stopping your urine mid–flow, is actually an exercise in itself. From this point on, every time you go to the restroom, stop mid–flow for several seconds, and then restart. Do this at least three times. Don’t be shy though; if you have the time (and the urine) to start/stop six, seven, and even eight times in one session, go for it. This exercise is not only useful for building stronger pelvic floor muscles, but it’s also useful for continually reminding yourself where your pelvic floor muscles are.

The kegel start/stop is the only exercise in this book that you should do every single day, as it’s rarely ever intense enough to cause over-training Doing this exercise every day has similar improvements on your penis health as walking every day does on your physical health.

Exercising Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Along with doing the kegel start/stop every time you use the restroom, you will exclusively exercise your pelvic floor muscles three to four times a week. In the beginning, try to get at least one day of rest between each kegel workout. Similar to your other muscles, your pelvic floor muscles become stronger during rest, not during exercise.

During your first week, you will spend only one minute on kegels per each workout. As the weeks goes on, you will increase this to five minutes or more. It won’t be hard to find a few minutes of time, as it’s easy to multitask while kegeling. You can kegel while watching television, while driving, while washing dishes, while browsing the web, and even while you’re at work. Anywhere, anytime. Sitting in a dull meeting? Go for it. No one will ever know.

Kill Driving Time

Several men Kegel while driving. One penile exerciser timed his kegels with the stop lights: he would Kegel when the light turned green, and hold the contraction until he hit the next red light.

The next two exercises are good for kegel beginners. After the first five weeks, you can add advanced kegel exercises (found in Appendix C).

Kegel Exercise 2: The Kegel

This exercise is a simple contraction of your pelvic floor muscles. You can do this exercise fully clothed or naked.

The exercise:

Contract your pelvic floor muscles for one to two seconds, then release. Each contraction is one kegel repetition.

It’s That Easy!

Doing just one minute of regular kegels and the kegel start/stop every time you use the restroom is often all it takes to dramatically boost your hardness and penis health.

Kegel Exercise 3: The Kegel Slam

Whenever you’re ready, try this next exercise, the kegel slam. Men with strong pelvic floor muscles will be able to do this exercise within a few days of doing regular kegels. Men with weak pelvic floor muscles will need a month or more of strengthening the muscles for this exercise.

The exercise:

Over five seconds time, slowly contract your pelvic floor muscles as tight as possible. Subsequently hold the tight contraction for another five seconds. Then take another five seconds to slowly release the contraction. All three steps (the slow contraction, the hold, and the release) should take roughly fifteen seconds to complete.

Kegel Assignment

Locate your pelvic floor muscles by stopping your urine mid–flow.

From this point on, do the kegel start/stop at least three times every time you use the restroom.

Do 3 sets of 20 kegels (for a total of 60 kegels). This is equivalent to roughly 1 to 2 minutes of kegeling. If you find it easier, break this up throughout the day. For example, you can do twenty kegels in the morning, twenty in the afternoon, and twenty in the evening.

Reverse Kegels

As the name implies, a reverse kegel is the opposite of a kegel. The goal is to stretch the pelvic floor muscles, pushing down on the PC and BC muscles. Reverse kegels are an important part of ensuring you have a balanced pelvic floor and help those who experience premature ejaculation.

As with performing a kegel, the first step is to recognize your pelvic floor muscles. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by stopping your urine midstream. Those are your PC and BC muscles you’re using to stop the urine. For the reverse kegel, however, the movement you want is the relaxing of this muscle when you let the urine flow. It is a pushing down of the pelvic floor some compare to the motion of farting.

Perform a daily routine of both repetitive short pushes of the muscles and holding the push for up to 30 seconds. Be sure to exhale while performing the reverse kegel, to create a force against your push. Like kegels, reverse kegels can be performed any time of day, anywhere. Performing light reverse kegels throughout your day will help restore your pelvic floor balance.
Chapter 17:
Kegel Pitfalls
When learning how to kegel, you may find yourself falling through a few common trap doors.

Pitfall 1: Improperly Kegeling

In Dr. Peter Scardino’s Prostate Book, Scardino says one in four to five men do kegel exercises improperly; and when they are done improperly, they aren’t effective. “It is important that your stomach, upper thighs, and buttocks, are all completely relaxed when kegeling. They should not be moving,” says Dr. Barbara Keesling in How to Make Love All Night.

For this reason, you’ll want to learn how to kegel while you’re sitting down. Moving and using your other muscles, especially your legs, makes it hard to isolate and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Also, for the first few days, place two fingers on your perineum while you kegel. Touching your perineum while kegeling will allow you to feel your pelvic floor muscles in action and recognize when you are doing the kegel effectively.

If after a week you are still unable to isolate your pelvic floor muscles effectively, try doing what Dr. Keesling suggests: “exhaust the other muscles first so they don’t interfere with your new exercise regimen.” For example, if you’re constantly tensing your abs while kegeling, do a few sit ups beforehand.

Pitfall 2: Over-training

Like any other exercise, over-training applies to the kegel too. In fact, you’ll want take extra precaution in gradually working your way up with kegels, as you’re exercising skeletal muscles. Over-trained pelvic floor muscles can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction and temporary premature ejaculation—neither of which is fun. So start out light and get adequate rest. As time goes on, you can eventually move up to kegeling five or more minutes a day.


Too Much Kegeling

Here’s what one man said about his initial problems with kegeling: “I use to kegel 20 minutes a day, every day. I did this for at least three months and finally gave up when I didn’t notice any difference. I kept thinking that these guys are nuts; this kegel stuff doesn’t work! Finally, a few months ago, I learned that it’s best to give my “kegel muscles” a break every day or so. Ever since, I’ve been kegeling only three times a week (Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday) with great results. Now I know that these muscles are like your biceps—they need rest!”

Pitfall 3: Too Much Sensitivity

The kegel is famous for increasing penile sensitivity, which is great for sexual pleasure. The increased sensitivity, however, occasionally causes a temporary side effect: It’s too sensitive for some men and this can lead to temporary premature ejaculation. If this occurs, your penis should adapt to the sensitivity within a few weeks.

If you are unconsciously kegeling during sex, premature ejaculation can also occur.
Chapter 18:
The Importance of Warming Up
While the kegel is an exercise that can be done anywhere, the other penis exercises usually need to be done in a sit–down workout session. Also unlike kegels, the other penis exercises require you to warm up first. If you have ever actively exercised, you were most likely taught the significance of warming up. Although the warm up is much different when performing penis exercises, the concept is still the same. Warming up before performing penis exercises increases growth and decrease chances of injury.

A warm up, which literally involves heating the penis, is often more important than the actual exercises. A warm up helps you avoid several of the unwanted side effects, such as red spots and the darkening effect. Just as important, a bad warm up or no warm up at all can stop you from gaining.

The Importance of Heat

Temperature has a significant effect on your penis. “During moments of anxiety or when a man is cold, the penis shrinks up. When feeling comfortable or warm, the penis will fill up like a water balloon, even without sexual arousal,” says Abraham Morgentaler, associate Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School and author of Male Body.

You most likely already know how temperature can influence your penis size, shape and feeling. If you’ve ever been swimming in a cold pool, you probably experienced the turtle effect—in which your penis became stiff and shrank like a turtle’s head into its shell. The turtle effect occurs because your body is keeping warm your important organs, such as your heart and lungs, while decreasing blood flow to your not–so important organ, the penis (yes, your penis might be your favorite organ, but it’s not essential to you living). Heat has the opposite effect of cold: it increases blood flow to your penis along with making it more flexible and easier to stretch.

Heat = Flexible Tissue

Heat makes the penis more flexible, more relaxed, and less stiff. The main reason for warming up is so when you’re exercising you aren’t tearing stiff tissues within your penis. Instead, you’re exercising relaxed, flexible tissue. It’s easy to see how increased flexibility can lead to more gains. The more flexible your penis, the easier it stretches, and the more it enlarges.

Heat = Increased Blood Flow

Heat also acts upon your arteries like Drano does your kitchen pipes—it opens them up. As a result, a warm up increases blood flow to your penis. With more blood flowing to your penis, your erections will be harder, healthier and your workouts more effective.

Always Warm Up

For one reason or another, many men skip out on the warm up. This is not advised. A warm up is essential to healthy and effective penis exercises. Every time a man asks me if it’s okay to skip warming up, I come back with the same answer: If you are exercising your penis to make it bigger and harder, then why skip something that will ultimately maximize growth and minimize injury.
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We exercise for many different reasons – to look good, stay fit, and maintain a healthy body weight. Unless we’re in physical therapy or recovering from an injury, we rarely consider the functional aspect of our muscles and work out mainly to improve the look and tone of our glamour muscles. It isn’t often that we work out solely for functional reasons. However, our pelvic muscles, hidden from view, are primarily muscles of function, muscles for “go” rather than “show.”

The Benefits of Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles

Here are five ways strong pelvic floor muscles can improve the daily lives of men and women.

1. Control Urinary and Bowel Urgency

We’ve all experienced a sudden and urgent desire to urinate or move our bowels when a bathroom was nowhere in sight. For some of us, this happens frequently and can be very disruptive and embarrassing. Urinary and bowel urgency often occurs as a result of an involuntary bladder or bowel contraction, when the bladder or bowel squeezes without our permission. Sometimes the contractions are the result of “triggers” that induce a conditioned response, such as the sound of running water. By quickly squeezing your pelvic floor muscles three to five times the urgency can be relieved (and the leakage that can sometimes occur can often be prevented). This works equally well for bowel urgency as it does for urinary urgency.

2. Reduce Stress Urinary Incontinence

Stress incontinence is urinary leakage provoked by “stressors” such as sneezing, coughing, bending, lifting, exercising, and positional change. It’s a common condition in women, often resulting from childbirth. Although less common in men, it can occur following radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer and sometimes after surgery done on the prostate for benign conditions. By actively squeezing the pelvic floor muscles immediately prior to exposure to the stressor, the incontinence can be improved or eliminated. For example, if sneezing provokes incontinence, a strong pelvic floor muscle contraction prior to sneezing will help prevent the leakage.

3. Stop Dribbling After Urinating

An “after-dribble” of urine is common for many men and women after urinating. Luckily it is more annoying and inconvenient than a sign of a serious medical condition. Known as “post-void dribbling,” this condition is typically caused by pelvic muscle weakness and it occurs more frequently as we age. Keeping your pelvic muscles fit and actively squeezing them after urinating will prevent the unwanted drops of urine from ending up in your underpants.

4. Create More Rigid Erections

The pelvic muscles play a critical role in the rigidity of erections in men. They are responsible for dramatically increasing the blood pressure within the penis. When engaged, the pelvic muscles create a “muscular tourniquet” that chokes off the exit of blood from the penis. With each squeeze of these specialized muscles, a surge of blood flows into the erectile chambers of the penis – the end-result being a rock-hard erection.

5. Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction in men, affecting men of all ages. Pelvic floor muscles play a role in ejaculation, and pelvic floor muscles exercises can help prevent premature ejaculation by increasing the strength, tone, power, and endurance of these muscles. To apply this to the real life situation at hand, you need to recognize the “forthcoming” premature ejaculation, slow the pace of intercourse, pause the pelvic thrusting, and squeeze your pelvic muscles until the feeling of imminent ejaculation goes away. By actively deploying your pelvic floor muscles, the premature ejaculation can be short-circuited and intercourse resumed, enabling a more sustained sexual experience.
The cock cage.

The “cage” is a way to tie up your cock when you masturbate, both around your balls and cock shaft.

This technique can help you with several issues such as:
•premature ejaculation
•penis enlargment
•increase stamina and pleasure
•achieve a firmer erection

I will describe down below how each of these are achieved:

Premature ejaculation:

By constricting the flow of sperm you will delay the usual time of your ejaculation, this is particularly effective together with daily prostate exercises that you can do anywhere without even taking out your cock.

The prostate, or pelvic muscle, is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. The prostate is just in front of the rectum. The urethra runs through the center of the prostate, from the bladder to the penis, letting urine flow out of the body.

The prostate secretes fluid that nourishes and protects sperm. During ejaculation, the prostate squeezes this fluid into the urethra, and it’s expelled with sperm as semen.

The vasa deferentia (singular: vas deferens) bring sperm from the testes to the seminal vesicles. The seminal vesicles contribute fluid to semen during ejaculation.

To perform daily prostate exercise simply squeeze your prostate as hard as you can, it’s like when you have to stop peeing.

You can see the prostate in the picture below, in green where the green arrow points:


The closer place you can press on your prostate from outside your body is the space between your testiscle and anus, pressing on it usually makes your cock stronger.

To perform pelvic muscles exercises you should squeeze your prostate, like when you are peeing and need to stop the urine flow, and hold as hard as you can for as long as you can, then release. Repeat for at least 10 times. Do it several times a day.

This exercise alone will already allow you to better control your ejaculation.

Then you can use the cage that will further enhance your control.

Penis enlargement.

Because the cage will increase blood pressure inside your penis, it will force the walls to enlarge, expanding the size of your penis. You will notice that, when using the cage correctly, your cock will look bigger. In time, with daily usage, the size gain will be permanent for as long as you keep doing it at least twice a week.

Using the cage after a pump session will greatly help to increase your penis size. Please read about penis pump here.

It can be used together with JELQING exercise. I will explain about jelqing in a later article.

Increase stamina and pleasure.

Although this is not true for everybody, for many the cock cage will result in a much better masturbation and eventually, when fully mastered, sexual intercourse.

Because the cock becomes stronger than usual when using the cage, a lot of lube will be necessary.


What do you need to make a cock cage?

Making your own cock cage is cheap and easy, doesn’t require special material. In this article I will use a tourniquet that you can easily buy in drugstores for less than 100 baht or some rubber cock rings, that you can buy at Chinatown for 30 to 50 baht each.

Is your small penis size troubling you and in your romantic endeavors? Don’t believe them once they say you might be all for in life. There is still something you’re able to do to enhance your manhood size and earn things better during intercourse! If you liked this article and you would like to receive more facts pertaining to does neosize xl work kindly go to our own web site. If you happen to be serious about taking your male organ as much as size, this is what you probably should start doing today: exercise your penis!

I have spend considerable time reading stories, articles and forum posts about penis enlargement. There have been some really eye opening stories and I have realised that a lot of men try and grow their penis bigger for your wrong reasons. The fact is that a big part of men, who do penis exercises don`t actually need it at all. The reason why some men begin with these exercises is because someone hurt their ego and they also can`t defeat it.

I believe that any guy, who desire to enlarge their penis, can achieve that. The key is to perform a little bit of research and earn it clear by yourself that you have not shortcuts and quick fixes. A lot of guys usually are not willing to exercise every day for 3-6 months to attain their goal. Guys who desperately seek out shortcuts usually are not set on penile enlargement of course, if you really desired to enlarge your manhood, this wouldn’t matter when it took 25 days or 3 months.

Using exercises to stretch the penis bigger using the hands, seems a lttle bit ridiculous for a lot of people. But the truth is that, there’s proof it`s effectiveness. Extensive research has been carried out by doctors, to look for the effectiveness of penis enhancement exercises. These studies found out that indeed do exercises add length and girth towards the manhood, when done correctly and regularly. When you perform these exercises, you basically force more blood to the penis, which then gradually expands the tissue. So it is proven, you could grow a penis longer.

You could try another product called The Penis Pump. This enlargement device for that penis is slightly different because it pumps the penis employing a cylinder and vacuum, thereby pulling about the penis with pressure. With this, more fluids are drawn into the penis and blood circulation increases therefore the penis becomes larger. Some guys have seen lasting results while others only get temporary benefits.

Use Exercises to Make Your Penis Longer – Achieve Results Within Weeks!

May 29, 2014
penis enlargementTired of seeing your manhood looking limp and undersized? Want a great way to effectively increase your penis size? Look no further than your individual couple of hands! It’s true… there isn’t any real dependence on any penile enhancement device or pills to acquire growing bigger. Simply by utilizing your hands to complete penis stretching exercise every day, there is an capability to help make your male organ increase in size – and turn into bigger through out your lifetime!

Penis exercising is considered an old means of penile enlargement. Devised by men from the olden Arab world, this easy method was applied with the rulers of the past to develop themselves into more and more masculine than their people. Through the years, the same knowledge continues to be passed on and practised by men from certain tribes.

All there is certainly to enlargement of your prized asset are some simple stretching and massaging routines easily performed with your own hands. The whole process is quite effortless too – it’ll only take a couple of minutes of your time every morning to accomplish your stuff, and in all probability about 6 weeks for you to see a prominent rise in size.

The basis of jelqing exercises is in helping the volume of blood your organ will take in their couple of blood channels. The stretching action involved in jelqing gradually inflates the blood channels (or more technically referred to as Corpora Cavernosa), and also over the course of a few weeks, leads to expanding your penis physically!

All human tissue needs time to grow so you can’t rush this technique. There is no quick fix, in relation to penis enlargement. You must keep to the exercises carefully and keep to the instructions you’re given. A really effective male enhancement program costs you a few bucks, but you buy that which you buy If you liked this report and you would like to receive additional information regarding neosize xl price kindly visit the site. .

Size Does Matter! Grow Your Penis Today With These Tips And Leave Your Woman Hungry For More

May 29, 2014
mediawikiAll kinds of sexual difficulties have become sensitive for both men and women. Your confidence is seriously affected if you have rapid ejaculation or if your penis is small. What size is small enough that you need to seriously start thinking about male enhancement? When you loved this short article and you would love to receive details regarding neosize xl side effects (Read More In this article) i implore you to visit our web site. It is very hard to say in case you’ve doubts, then you should certainly check it out. It is possible to enlarge the penis safely, permanently and cheaply. So there’s nothing to concern yourself with.

There are several options on the internet who advertise achievement in term of penis enhancement. However, men should be very careful to not try anything in haste because not every them work. In fact, it really is difficult to find proof which they actually work. If a man is based on pills for the task on their penis, they should stop taking something they are taking now. As per studies, there won’t be any pills, syrup, powder or creams that would enlarge a guys penis. They simply fail, and when any man intends to try it, they’re just going to waste money on nothing.

In fact, doctors and doctors have studied the effects of doing stretching exercises for the male member, and discovered substantial proof that exercising together with your hands might cause your penis to significantly grow bigger. Not only that, the final results are a lot more natural-looking than you get away from using those extender tools the truth is on the market!

But it is not just how big is your male member which the exercise will positively have an impact on. Exercising your organ significantly improves the blood flow going to it, with a direct effect in strengthening your penis. So not only do you end up several inches larger on the bottom, and also better equipped to sexually satisfy your woman beneath the sheets!

What this specially-crafted device does would be to attach itself to your penile body, and using a gentle traction force, stretches your male member. Bit by bit this stretching action causes cellular structure within your organ to split and expand. And over a period, your penis will end up physically more pronounced in dimensions.

Penis Size – Grow It Large & Thick With Penis Enlargement Exercises

May 29, 2014
Why do you want a bigger penis? Men want a bigger penis for many reasons. It increases their confidence and self-esteem. It makes them better, in relation to sex. Women find you more desirable in case your penis is a bit greater than average, rather than a bit substandard. If there is nothing to lose and everything to achieve, then you will want to give it a try. Why should you be happy with whatever you currently have?

If you have a tiny penis size and when you are feeling, that it must be affecting your sex life as well as your self-confidence, plus there is nothing wrong with enlarging your manhood. Men have done that for centuries and may accomplish that forever. Very often a small increase in size, like 1-1.5 inches, can be a very difference.

But if you begin doing penis exercises to enlarge your penis and cure your premature ejaculation problems or any other problems you may have, you will subsequently be a lot more sure you happen to be suitable and adequate. It could very well be that your penis dimension is big enough, but what if it’s not? Are you willing to take that chance. If it is possible for that you enlarge your penis by 1-2 inches or higher in 3-6 months, then why don’t you do it now.

While some report that an exclusive exercise for male enhancement really works, it might not work with everyone. However, excess bodyweight seemingly shorten penis because extra fats cover many of the length of the penis. Therefore, keeping the body fit by using exercise and healthy diet can prevent this incident from happening. Another myth that should be corrected will be the effect of masturbation. No matter how often a man masturbates, it’ll never make his penis grew longer. Also, excessive masturbation isn’t advisable to the all-around health.

The basis of how exercise can lead to an important enhancement to your penis is helping the the flow of blood and circulation for your organ. Stretching forces a greater quantity of blood to your organ and causes the blood channels inside it to cultivate and expand to match more blood while hard. With more blood within the channels, the encompassing tissues also expand, thus leading to your penis becoming larger in erection In case you cherished this article as well as you wish to get more information concerning Neosize Xl side Effects i implore you to stop by our web site. .

To most men there will come a spot in their lives if they’re likely to ask themselves “What to do if my penis is way too short?” especially to people who actually come short. A lot of men believe the ideal size penis is similar to those they see in pornographic movies. They sometimes feel that with longer penis comes a sexy beautiful woman inside their bed, just like what pornography films attempt to convey. The producers of which movies look for actors with above average size of penis to make the film more erotic for the viewers. Some of them are natural by genes while some are enhanced by technology or photography tricks. Pornography films set false standards to men, which can make them wanting to find response to the nagging question “What to perform if my penis is just too short?”

It is very clear why these are obsessed why the size of their manhood. A man using a smaller penis is obviously likely to have an overabundance of insecurities and stress. When you might be around females and you are insecure, then you’ve very little chance. Men start exercising to enlarge their manhood, mostly by themselves, to reduce their psychological problems.

Exercises happen to be traditional essentially the most reliable strategy for growing the penis. The cells within the penis are required to split as a result of constant traction that exercises squeeze penis under and the blood that overfills that compartments inside spongy tissue. However, one of the primary criticisms of penis exercises is because take such a long time prior to deciding to see any growth whatsoever. Men often become so frustrated and angry at the lack of results they stop performing the exercises.

Faster penis growth calls for something more than mere exercises or even a traction device. For instance, exercises alone can ensure penis growth. There is no doubt regarding it. However, you need to practice them for months in order to attain noticeable gains. Most of the time men quit such exercises midway given that they experience slow or no growth. This can be a huge blunder.

If you enjoyed this short article and you would such as to obtain additional info concerning penis enlargement (simply click the up coming internet site) kindly check out our internet site. Growing your member larger might be accomplished by utilizing two different exercises. The use of jelqing allows the penis being expanded to keep more blood, which can make it larger. By holding it tightly to generate a tourniquet effect the blood will remain inside it through moving the penis in a milking motion will move the blood around. Pushing the blood on the end of penis will stretch your skin and it will have an enlarging effect. If there is almost any pain or strange differences seek the advice of a physician as soon as you can.

Grow Your Penis Bigger Naturally – 3 Ways to Get a Bigger Penis Without Any Painful Surgery

May 29, 2014
intendedAre men overly obsessed with the size of their penis? I guess a better solution would be yes. It is also understandable, as the penis is often a symbol of virility. But very few men actually make an attempt to do something about it. Most women say that size is faraway from being important that is certainly suppose to generate men feel better, nevertheless it rarely does. At some point penis size does affect romantic endeavors and men`s confidence, but what’s that?

The penis doesn’t get bigger on its own, and that means you must stimulate it to make it grow bigger. That is precisely what penile enlargement exercises can do. What sets exercises aside from a few other methods like traction devices, is they are very versatile and so the stimulation is always very effective. When you do these very specific exercises then your body responds and yes it responds by growing the penis bigger.

If you enjoyed this post and you would such as to receive more facts regarding neosize xl reviews (Read Home Page) kindly browse through our web-page. Finding the right method that may potentially create for you success is only the 1st step. The next step is making it work for you understanding that needs time to work and energy. Very often guys tend to overlook the instructions these are given and try to rush the process. If 95 out of 100 guys have the ability to succeed which has a certain product and you also can’t, it’s almost certainly your fault, when you didn’t do as instructed.

How? Your penis is made up of 2 main blood channels created from vascular tissue. This is where blood rushes in and is held during sexual arousal to create a harder erection. If you need to know, the most size your penis can grow when erect depends on the quantity of blood the channels can hold.

All human tissue needs time to grow and you can’t rush this process. There is no magic pill, with regards to penile enlargement. You must follow the exercises carefully and follow the instructions you happen to be given. A really effective penis enhancement program costs that you simply few bucks, however you go for that which you spend on.

Essential Penis Enlargement Tips – Take the Time to Learn These Essential Tips Or You Will Fail

May 29, 2014
surgicalThe height and width of your manhood can directly affect how well you suit your woman sexually. If you are concerned in the size your penis, or the insufficient it, there really is no harm in locating ways to enhance yourself on the bottom. And you don’t have to go as much as getting the male member artificially enlarged by surgery – there are a few simple solutions to raise your penis size just by residing at home!

Women say all time that size does not matter as well as all just a few the method that you use it; well what a lie. Size does matter and will also always matter so long as there are women on this planet. But for those of you who have lost hope, I can tell you that there’s most definitely hope for you with your mission to gain size.

Most, if not completely, with the penile growth pills on the market in the market today state they contain various important vitamins, nutrients, plus a special mix of natural herbs. These herbs usually are selected for his or her unique properties which indirectly can help the development of the male organ. Scientifically, in line with the ingredients used alone, these pills MAY bring about results.

I am not kidding you there. You CAN exercise your member and also have it grow naturally bigger in dimensions. In fact, you have physicians mentioning how effective working out in your penis could be so that you can add a few inches for your manhood size, and doctors recommending their patients who would like a bigger penis to start exercising it regularly.

If you have any kind of concerns regarding where and how to use neosize xl reviews, you can call us at the web-site. Growing your member larger could be accomplished by using two different exercises. The use of jelqing allows the penis being expanded to support more blood, that make it larger. By holding it tightly to produce a tourniquet effect the blood will continue to be inside it and by moving the penis in a very milking motion will move the blood around. Pushing the blood for the end of penis will stretch your skin layer and it’ll provide an enlarging effect. If there is any kind of pain or strange differences seek the advice of your physician whenever you can.

Worried About Your Penis Size? Use This Simple Technique to Naturally Increase Your Penis Size!

May 29, 2014
Insecurity is the biggest problem why mankind has a lot of psychological problems and why they’re not capable to enjoy life. Men are suppose to get strong and they aren’t suppose showing any warning signs of weakness. These days men tend being considerably more insecure, then some decades ago. A small penis size or rapid ejaculation, will often be explanation for problems. If there is something that can be done about this problem, which you will find, then you definitely should certainly take action.

The penis is definitely an sensitive organ when you commence doing these exercises, then you certainly must know what to check for. It is very often the case, that guys think their penis is more sensitive, a bit bruised or tingly. Should you loved this informative article and you would like to receive more details about neosize xl side effects (mouse click the following internet site) kindly visit the page. These sings are routine instead of of concern. But sometimes guys start feeling either sharp or dull pain, which can be a challenge. So always consider these things when you feel pain, then tend not to ignore it.

By using exercises for penile enlargement, it is possible to increase the length, girth and strength of the manhood. This method is medically shown to work and it has proven it`s effectiveness again and again. When you are able to increase your penis size, you will subsequently be considerably more confident. So instead of avoiding sexual encounters, you may enjoy them.

When you decide to not enlarge your penis, then you’ll certainly regret your selection. It really does not matter how many other people think or say. You can perform these exercises anywhere at any time and nobody has to know about. The months pass awfully fast and immediately after weeks, once you start noticing changes already, then exercising gets to be a habit. The first step has taken action and becoming started, it is the first thing to do.

If you want to gain 2 ” inside of a year, rather than 3-4 years, then you need to understand just as much as you’ll be able to about penile enlargement. By doing which you don`t will need to go over the experimentation method that a number of the guys like JonPop did. I don`t think there is certainly anyone who questions if penis enlargement is possible anymore.

Penis Stretching Exercise – Achieve a Monumental Increase in Your Penis Size Just by Exercising It!

May 29, 2014
Having a smaller penis undoubtedly can be an absolutely humiliating dilemma for men to take care of. Today a huge number of men worldwide suffer without moaning, letting their little selves decrease their confidence, and leaving them in agony over not being sexually apt because of their woman… too embarrassed to inquire about even their closest friends for help. Which is quite a waste, since increasing their penis dimensions are perfectly possible IF they follow simple proven steps regarding it.

Women say in history that size does not matter and its particular all just a few the way you put it to use; well which is a lie. In the event you loved this post and you wish to receive more information relating to neosize xl side effects generously visit our page. Size does matter and this will always matter provided that you will find women nowadays. But for individuals who have lost hope, I can tell you that there are definitely hope for you inside your quest to gain size.

The bigger your goals is, the longer it will require. If you do everything you should do, then increasing your penis by one inch, won’t require a long time. Maybe 1-2 months. But if your main goal would be to enlarge your penis by 3-4 inches, then obviously it will require over that. It is very challenging to say the time it’ll exactly take. But it may need you around half a year or higher. So you have to get mentally prepared for what exactly is ahead rather than get frustrated, when results come slowly.

Some men say they can`t find the time because of these exercises, that is a sorry excuse, as it only takes 20 mins to complete the exercises. The lack of dedication and consistency is another big problem. When you or other people just isn’t getting results with penis exercises, then it is just not because exercises don`t work, but because you make mistakes.

In fact, based on a study created by the University of Maryland, many of the popular pills tested were found being contaminated with assorted undesirable contents. Traces of pesticides, bacteria, and in many cases faecal matter were detected in a number of pills which were clinically tested – imagine what effect they might need to the body!